For the next few months we are highlighting an interactive art installation in Denver, CO known as “Denver Tales” conceptualized by local artist, Miss Meeg Conroy. “A collection of Denver's finest tales....” the visionary artist calls it. Meeg has big plans in store for keeping this project alive so check out the entire article here, and catch up on all existing audio and visual stemming from this project below.

Denver Tales is a 100% original concept from Meeg Conroy

All of the photographic representation has been provided by Drew Makenzi Photography

Denver Tales shines its spotlight on not the artist herself, but individual Denver based characters with a worthwhile story to tell.  Each unique person is represented by one of Meeg’s signature animal murals, all currently residing in the Crush Walls alleyway. What makes this project unique is the continuation of each piece by the scanning of each mural’s respective QR code. This extends the viewers experience by presenting a custom, podcast-style interview about the subjects time in Denver and their respective art form.

“Growing up I’ve always had a fascination with family and history. Anthropology was one of my majors, and specifically I have a passion for the preservation of human identity and human culture.”

  • Meeg Conroy

Voted to legalize it, but the only thing getting high is the cost of living
— Mandy Yoches

Hustleman talks candidly about his life in Denver meaning the good, the bad, and the ugly.

“I realized I could try to use art more as a vehicle for change in a sense, as that is the bigger picture. I’ve always thought we all speak different languages. Visual art is one of mine and when people get what languages you speak then they can connect with that better.”

“Keeping this going is one of the most important facets so I can highlight different aspects of the city”

  • Meeg Conroy