Collaboration Site Generates Spicy Glitch Mob Remix As Contest Comes To End

In today’s age of music, media, and entertainment in general, it’s all about sharing of love. Artists today are sharing and gobbling up everything they can, to not only grow together but elevate the game entirely. The Glitch Mob highlights this idea as good as anyone out there. In-fact, they were among another 150 top-tier artists who publicly signed open letters in favor of Net Neutrality, as reported by Magnetic Mag in December of 2017.

The band recently dropped their third, already successful album, See Without Eyes. The new release has generated a fair amount of buzz in the electronic music world, including a full fledged remix contest from the guys at

The guys at Splice are no strangers to connecting musicians and producers either. In more ways than one the Splice team seem to have their finger on the overall collaborative pulse. Whether you’re looking to connect, learn/grow as an artist, contribute to the growth of others, or just stay in the know, there seems to be something for everyone over at Splice

The band is offering some sweet prizes for winner of the contest, including a Video Call / Meet & Greet with the band, a new Dell Laptop, official Glitch Mob merch and more.

We spoke with the Denver based electronic artist Lucid Vision, a bit about his remix entry. What’s more, we peaked into his recent experience working with The Glitch Mob when he opened for them on a 3-night run this month in Colorado. Together, the groups filled some of Colorado’s most well-known venues like The Boulder Theatre, and Belly-Up Aspen. They even sold out Colfax’s historic Ogden Theatre.

When asked what it was like to work underneath such a dynamic and complex group, Lucid Vision told us, “I’ve listened to The Glitch Mob’s music for a long time, and looked up to them as artists. They were actually the first group that really opened my eyes to electronic music and inspired me to pursue creating music myself, so performing with them was a dream, and inspiring beyond words.

I also want to say that I saw them give time and respect to every fan, sound engineer, venue staff, etc. They truly shared the love and were grateful for the opportunity to share their music with people.”


You’ve stated your inspiration from the group in the past. How, now that your career has taken off, could you imagine working with these guys again in the future?


First, thank you so much for those words. I’d say my career is still at the beginning, but I’ve been focusing on appreciating and enjoying the journey.

I would honestly love to release music on The Glitch Mob’s record label Glass Air Records, or one day do an official remix for The Glitch Mob. Two years ago, 5 years ago, if anyone asked me who my number one choice to open for/support on tour, I’d say The Glitch Mob or Pretty Lights, and it’s still a goal to travel with them one day as direct support to their tour just as Elohim has on this tour…. Side note, Elohim puts on an AMAZING set! I love her music as well.”


What was some of the inspiration, or what were you attempting to highlight in your rendition of their recent hit song, How Can This Be Wrong?


“When I approach remixes, I like to make them as original as I can, while still keeping the original theme of the song. I love when people completely change the remix into a different genre, but I prefer to continue with the original energy and intention of the song.

I think I mainly wanted to create a melodic groove that was catchy, while also showcasing some of my own types of glitches/effect sounds in there.”


How important is artist collaboration and the sharing of information, content, etc. to you as an artist?


“This can be a deep question beyond music. I’m big into technology frontier including, freedom of information and the power of the internet, creative commons, the RSS aggregate, and blockchain technology.

I think in regards to music, only good things can come from collaborations, if done right. I think a lot of artists don’t understand that when you collaborate, or make a song with someone, in a way you are starting a mini business. You create a piece of content from which your branding is now associated together and you collectively share the copyright, or the digital/live royalties that are generated from the song. There is a lot of potential for growth, but it’s also a lot of work to make sure everything is agreed upon when creating a piece together.”

Check out the Lucid Vision X Glitch Mob remix here, which is presumably one of many entered in only Splice’s most recent of contests (deadline October 18th). As always, give a like and follow to the artist or the song if you appreciate their work. As any up & coming artist will tell you, that little bit of support matters! You can also vote for which remix you liked best. Original page.

Original Song - How Could This Be Wrong by The Glitch Mob

Remix Version - Dozier

Artwork - Original Album Cover - See Without Eyes by The Glitch Mob