Results Are In! See Which Cannabis Took The THC Cake In The Inaugural Croptober.

Croptober 2018 is over and now that the judges have finished (presumably) the longest nap ever, the results are in. The day was full of that sweet mile-high sunshine, and for the better part of Saturday afternoon/evening, around 200 Colorado residents gathered together to enjoy that sweet mile-high… high. Yes, a celebration and competition in some of the strongest cannabis products available. Anywhere. So just what is judged when it comes to a cannabis competition, you might wonder as you try not to ash that joint on your keyboard? We couldn’t just leave this to the judges to decide, so we sent a team to partake and to provide you with a full recap of this unique event.

“Bud structure, taste, and smoke-ability" are a few of the items judges are looking for,” says event host/organizer AJ Hashman. Contestants could submit entries in 3 different categories. Flower, Concentrates, and Edibles. The criteria varied depending on the category. All entries (except edibles which take significantly longer for effects to set in when consumed) were set on display and made available for sampling for the event attendees…and media members. You’re probably thinking, “but what about cleanliness and hygiene?” There was plenty of alcohol swabs on hand for sanitizing a community piece if you wish and attendees were even encouraged to bring their own smoking apparatus from home. Those feeling in a pinch could even just buy some beautiful new glass from the hosting smoke-shop, Dicronix. “Most of our glass is custom work blown in Boulder, CO or somewhere right outside of town [Denver] here,” said shop owner Casey Bott. “We really like to highlight and focus on the artists themselves, and make sure anybody would feel comfortable standing inside our shop.” It’s worth noting, there are paintings and art hanging all over this shop and the glass is extraordinary! Local artists like @90ft and @yoshiglass were even on-site for the event and provided gifts for contestants in the competition.

With more than a few DJ’s providing great tunes all day, local vendors like Canvas Organics on site to provide great giveaways and goodies, and of course munchies galore, the day was full of great times and interesting people. Or, pioneers if you will, in an onward march towards the ultimate nation-wide legality. As far as the heavy hitter we noticed at this event, anything having to with CBD. The non-psychoactive cousin to THC, CBD is paving its own path in the market. More and more companies are dedicating their entire purpose to the multi-beneficial properties CBD claims to offer.

We spoke to 2nd place winner in the flower contest, who chose to remain anonymous as many home-growers do, about what makes the difference when growing good cannabis, especially in an age of legality and stores own warehouses dedicated to the plant? “Your average consumer usually doesn’t really understand what goes into growing a marijuana plant. There are so many ways you can go wrong, corners you can cut, etc. Unfortunately, today it can be tough to really know what your buying in dispensaries and things. As far as my plants go, it’s about keeping it as close to the natural cycle as possible. The less I add to my plants the better. But you have to spend a lot of time with them, make sure they are happy, healthy, etc. Plants are a lot like people, they can be happy or sad. They can get sick. They can be stimulated by things like music. One of my secrets, my girlfriend plays her violin for the plants.”

As far as the winners go, see results below, as voted by the people.

Peoples Choice Winners: 
1st - Aloha Lemone by Certified Magic CO
2nd - Kandy Kush by JYoder
3rd - Gods Gift by Giovanni S.
1st - Cherry Diesel Live Diamonds by West Edison
2nd - Gorilla Glue #4 by Sauce Boss
3rd - Godfather Oil by West Edison

Keep your eyes open for more events from the team at Denver420Events, and be sure to pay attention to important issues regarding the legality, usage, and effects of cannabis. For more info on cannabis legality and what states are making a push for such this November, check out this article from Newsweek here.