Residential Tech Today gives FREE subscription, plus chance to win big!

The team behind big-hitting magazines Innovation & Tech Today and Cannabis & Tech Today are at it again. This time, bringing tech fans all the need-to-know behind the world of residential, or “smart home” technology. Residential Tech Today is just the newest piece to the teams giant media puzzle. In celebration of the new publication, the Res-Tech team and their partner Riva Audio are giving away a RIVA Concert Wireless Smart Speaker + Battery + Travel Bag. We can attest to the high quality of Riva’s speakers, however, this particular model isn’t even out to the public yet! In our opinion, the real prize is in the Free 1-year subscription you get for entering! The Res-Tech team is willing to send you a print/digital copy of their newest issue for an entire year.

When asked, Res-Tech Project Director Nick Milano told us the their new baby was, “Automated, Educated, Integrated! Like all of our projects, Residential Tech isn’t geared towards just your average tech-nerd. It’s full of relevant and interesting stories, interviews with A-listers, and of course the need to know on keeping your home ahead of the curve.”

We give this new project a thumbs-way-up and hope you’ll be as excited as we are. For more great content from the “Inno-Team” check out their website here.

To enter for a chance to win and a free subscription, go to or click the image below!