SharedViews Mixtape Sessions - Vol. 6 feat. KSUHDILLA

When local hit DJ/Producer, KSUHDILLA agreed to make our 6th volume of the SV Mixtape Sessions, the Christmas edition, we were overcome with joy! We’d had our eyes on this artist for a while and we knew it would be tough to work with her due to her extremely busy schedule. The extra cheesy, extra dubby DJ also known as Hannah Cassara has been killing it all over town, getting booked at some of Denver’s best venues with some of the industries bigger names. She’s constantly got something up her sleeve and is always looking for new ways to push her craft and that of people around her, to the next level.

Growing up in a small town, you can tell has kept Hannah humble. She really cares about what’s going on around her, and even finds ways to give back while entertaining her ever-growing fan base. She’ll commonly provide all the fixings to make her favorite food, quesadillas, for anyone at her gigs or sometimes just out in a public space for anyone who might be hungry. All for free, of course.

We got the exciting opportunity to sit down with Hannah and talk about past, present, and future. So we rolled up some of Colorado’s finest and got to know KSUHDILLA a little bitter. Hope you’re hungry and ready to take in the hour+ Naughty or Nice SV Mixtape Session and the full-length interview below!

Track ID List:

  1. Vibe ID | KSUHDILLA

  2. Jaydon Lewis - Merry Christmas (trap remix) | Jstep

  3. Get High (Ehallz Remix) | Oliverse

  4. It’s All On U ft. Liam ODonnell | Illenium 

  5. Of Mind | Sola/Blush

  6. The Middle - Jimmy Eat World | LUCA LUSH Remix

  7. Can’t Get Enough | GRIZ

  8. Get What You Give | Boogie Trio

  9. Solid | Slumberjack X Troyboi

  10. Sleigh Bells (Remix) | YEET

  11. Cmon | Big Gigantic

  12. Kraken | Ganja White Night

  13. Bird Machine (Jingle Bells Remix) | DJ Snake

  14. Happier (ft. Bastille) | Marshmello

  15. Artifacts | JayKode X Blanke 

  16. Have You Been Naughty | Terry Pratchetts

  17. Watching Me (Michael Jackson Rockwell) | Codeko 

  18. Nutcraka | JayKode

  19. Hate Machine | GLD

  20. Hush Money [Run The Trap] | Nitti Gritti 

  21. Pray For Me (ft. Origami) | Said The Sky


  23. Agen Wida (Badrapper & JACKN remix) | Joyride & Skrillex

  24. DNCE | Ookay

  25. WTF (VIP) | Herobust

  26. Dem Farid (ft. Taranchyla) | Blaize 

  27. Smoke & Retribution (Ekali Remix) | Flume

  28. All I want For Christmas | Wizard & Matbow Remix

  29. Innerbloom (What So Not Remix) | Rufus Du Sol

  30. Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer | Remix Nation TV

  31. Clout O Mine | Green Matter

  32. Consider Me (Spag Heddy Remix) | Kill The Noise & Dillon Francis

  33. Dolphin On Wheels (Rickyxsan Remix) | Zomboy

  34. Rough Getta | YDG

  35. Shock Value (MAKK Remix) | Subtronics

  36. Jingle Bell Rock Remix (A Trappy Christmas) | Trap Factory

  37. The Beat | Dirt Monkey & Jansten

  38. Core (Crystalize Flip) | RL Grime

  39. The Wonky Christmas (Blaize edit) | Blaize 

  40. All I Have (ft. Aviella) | QUIX

  41. Babatunde | Peekaboo & GREX

  42. Rompa Stompa | BadKlaat

  43. Carol Of The Bells (Nate Maelz StickBeats Trap) | Raposa Music Blak

  44. Dope | Dabbies X Tricks 

Photo Credit : Drew Makenzi | Drew Makenzi Photography

Video Credit: Jordan Fugere | JEYHUMP Photography