10 years later Gramatik's SB5 drops and it's full of... Bangerz!!


He’s come a long way since his initial “Street Bangerz” albums 1-4 which helped form what now seems like his very own cult following. Those who know, KNOW that Gramatik or Denis Jašarević spares no expense or time when it comes to creating the perfect sound. “Imma make Street Bangerz Vol. 5 just to show Kanye how to layer a god damn snare” Gramatik tweeted back in June when he apparently decided to give his fans what they’ve been longing for in a new SB album. You see, with Gramatik, it’s all about the quality.

The Yugoslavia-born producer is one of the busiest in the industry today. On top of scoring short films, managing his own record label, and managing his own crypto alt-coin, he fills his schedule with tour dates around the world. Take, for example, the recently FREE performance he delivered to crazed Colorado fans in Breckenridge, CO. The performance, in conjunction with Mountain Dew and Hip-Hop legend, Big Boi, took place during a massive blizzard, reminding artist and fans alike of his famous 2015 “Blizmatik” at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

SB5, the latest installment in Gramatik's Street Bangerz series, was delivered late into the evening on the 10th anniversary of SB1 to anxiously waiting fans furiously spam clicking their browser's refresh button. Those who fell asleep literally woke up to the album of their dreams. SB5 is completely reminiscent of the original sounds so many fell in love with Gramatik over while bringing in new and noteworthy sounds from heavy-hitters like The Geek x VRV, Adam Deitch of Break Science, and of course Adam Stehr, the ultra-talented guitarist turned right-hand-man. “Denis and I only really care about making good music, and eating good food,” Adam told us back in October. “Music has captured our souls, for the time being.”

With the tragic death of Aretha Franklin, Gramatik released his SB5 tribute to the great singer back in August. Today, the rest of SB5 is available to listen to worldwide. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.