SharedViews Mixtape Sessions - Vol. 7 feat. KRANIA - "Journey" - feat. Brreck visuals

For this edition of the SharedViews Mixtape Sessions, we journeyed down to New Orleans, Louisiana for a bit of a family affair. Vol. 7 is what SharedViews is all about, a 100% original collaboration between two fantastic artists to create one exquisite experience. With the musical stylings of KRANiA and a visual presentation by Brreck this mixtape session becomes an immersive experience for its audience.

We hope you can grab your friends and loved ones and take a Journey with us.

We are letting the art do the talking for this release, as these two mysterious artists have been working extremely hard for your entertainment. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

With love from NOLA and all of the SharedViews fam.

Tracklist: All tracks are produced by KRANIA

- Lose Yourself

- This has to stop

- Squad of Soldiers

- Its gonna rain

- Why are all my trees red?

- Shred it Bro

- Danger Close

- Spaghetti

- Home

- Insert your Residence ft. Nigel Beckwith

- Meatloaf