3rd Eye Thursday: Cerberus - 3 Underground Artists Descend Onto Denver's The Black Box

With the closing of one of Denver’s biggest nightly venues recently, an opportunity arises for some of the new players in today’s game. If you’re like some Denverites looking for a new place to spend your Thursday night, Angry Neighbor’s 3rd Eye Cerberus Thursday might help fill that void in your heart! Like the three-headed hound of Hades protecting the gates of the underworld, the team at Angry Neighbor it stepping up to not only protect but greatly enhance the music scene of Denver’s underworld. Beardthug, DeeZ, and FRQ NCY are a three-headed attack about to descend upon The Black Box.

Third Eye Thursday is Hosted at Cap Hill’s, The Black Box, every third Thursday but this event will uniquely host 3 individual headline acts. Yes, just like Cerberus (KERBEROS), this 3-headed headline brings a little bit of darkness with it in the way of 3 heavy-hitting artists all ready to show off their own bassy chops.

“I spend a lot of time sorting through the underground scene to bring Denver what is to come. There is no doubt that these 3 producers are on the rise. Side note, the visuals NadaSound will bring are going to warp reality. Come welcome Cerberus, the 3 headed beast, with us!” said Reid Pellegrin, CEO of Angry Neighbor when asked about this particular event.

Beardthug, DeeZ, and FRQ NCY will all share the headline slots for the evening. All three bring a bit of an ominous feel with them, which is to be expected for such an event. Pellegrin told us, “These headlining acts are only found deep in the underground vibrating venues across the U.S. Names that are new to the Denver scene, this night will surely break up the routine of the same ole acts.” We reached out to find out what these artists were excited about for this go around in Denver.

“First of all, I have been in love with the city of Denver since my first trip in 2016. I was lucky enough to play music there last year with my good friend Mickman. Having the opportunity to return has me extremely excited. I noticed a little while ago that most of my tunes were being streamed from Denver. It's funny that I would have so many fans in a place that I've been to so few times. It's really something special. There is so much support for underground electronic music there, there's nowhere like it! I feel this show has a lot to offer. Beardthug and FRQ NCY both work very hard in the studio so there is sure to be tons of unreleased music played at this event. Stuff that probably won't be heard outside of a live setting for quite some time! I'm planning an all original set with a lot of unreleased, a handful of that being tunes that have never been played live before!” said DeeZ AKA Andrew Widdecomb of Boston, MA.

Depicted in Greek mythology as a three-headed dog, Cerberus was also frequently drawn with a mane of snakes, a serpent's tail, and a lions claw. According to some he had as many as fifty heads, although this count might have been including the serpents of his mane.

For the purpose of this analogy, the lions claw and serpent tail can represent opening acts Parlay and Dank Lloyd Wright. And the snakes represent the amazing artists and vendors signed on for the March 21st event. You might recognize popular vendors like Hocus Focus, or black light painter Nick Scotella, even. To top everything off we’re promised one hell of a visual experience by NADASOUND (youtube preview).

Together, all of these pieces represent what sounds like a stellar night. Collaboration, local artistry, good music, and good vibes? Count us in. In fact, you can come too! SharedViews has two tickets to give away to two lucky winners. Check our facebook page here for more info and scope the actual event page here to purchase those tickets!