Get Ready For Dozier and The Bass Witches At Your Mom's House This Saturday!



October 12th. Your Mom’s House. Be there or... that’s it, just be there. Dozier, in the midst of a hot streak, is coming through to headline this show with a thick lineup behind her. In fact this is Dozier’s first headline show so in the midst of all her recent success, you know this is going to be special. This show is also set to feature some of the most prominent and up and coming DJs around Denver. Not to mention, the lineup showcases an all-female roster full of some pretty badass women. However, you don’t need to know their gender to enjoy their music. Alex Rowan (Dozier) was inspired to boast some of her friends and prodigious artists in the industry without creating a marketing ploy out of a “ladies night”. The show is going to feature Spirah, Maddento, LemonDoza, Mermix and NotLo; a thick lineup with zero sets you’ll want to miss.

Dozier has had a busy year with lots of new releases, music videos, and big performances at events like Sonic Bloom, Electric Forest, and Blissfall Music Festival at The Mishawaka. Her reputation for heavy hitting, underground bass music has been spreading like wildfire throughout the Denver music scene and beyond. Just in time for her first headlining show, Your Mom’s House has invested in new production equipment and a new visual setup. Visuals are a huge component to the Dozier project, as well as a huge inspiration for a lot of her music. 

“I've always been someone who likes to accumulate a lot of skills in various fields. Being able to showcase the art I've been creating for the visuals makes it that much more special.” - Alex Rowan aka Dozier

This upcoming show at Your Mom’s House is going to be a special performance, compared to some of her past live shows, because Rowan plans to incorporate new instrumental elements. When we spoke, she explained how she has always wanted to transition to 100% live and this show will serve as a good initial display of all her talents. Dozier will be playing her drums on stage and look out for the Alesis Strikepad and MPC Live making their way into her shows. In other words, this headlining show is being prepared to blow your frickin minds.

NotLo has been making her way onto people’s radar in the past year, but she has only been producing music and DJing for two years! She is what you might call a fast learner and a hard worker. Funny enough, NotLo’s off-stage name is also Alex so try not to get confused. Alex (NotLo) and Alex (Dozier) have been friends ever since they discovered their similar tastes in music and influences. NotLo’s music is also centralized around bass, and inspired by the likes of Bassnectar and CloZee. Her goal is to reach a wide based audience and bring people together through sound. Not only can you catch NotLo at YMH next Saturday, she is making her debut at The Black Box on October 26th, opening for Khiva. 

Mermix is a one of a kind artist and performer who uses an array of elements during her live shows; she incorporates handmade costumes, elaborate visuals and has started adding in 4D components to sets. Before Courtney started the Mermix project she produced hip hop beats, eventually leading her to invest in a Traktor controller and that kickstarted her DJ career. Mermix has had residencies in Hawaii, Indiana and now Denver, where she moved to continue developing as an artist. With big goals on her horizon, Courtney aspires to use her influence to educate people on the importance of ocean conservation and inspire others to reduce pollution. Mermix’s music is unique and uses sounds from all over the globe, so as to not be limited to just one genre. Catch her set this Saturday, as it is going to be full of flare, or her set on November 8th also at Your Mom’s House.

The goal is to have a program where any profits from my music or shows goes towards bettering the environment.” -Mermix

Spirah is a local singer, songwriter, and producer based out of Denver who has been singing since before she could talk. Talking to her, she described how singing makes her happier than almost anything else in the world and once she learned how to DJ, helping to create her own songs, it created the perfect medium for her songs to reach others. Carly (Spirah) has been working extremely hard to follow her dreams and pursue music, because by day she is also a scientist researching respiratory biology. You don’t hear about many dual musicians/scientists, but she makes it work and kicks ass doing it. This Saturday will be her first ever live performance and she is packing the punches in what may just be the kickstart of her career. Spirah is excited to perform her first EP release at YMH, which will then be debuted to the public on October 14th!

Madison Shea aka Maddento is another DJ and artist from Denver who has been in the electronic scene since 2014, but has been involved with music since she was very young. She finds herself attracted to the experimental aspects of music, dedicating her own sound towards experimental bass, trap and dubstep. Madison’s world revolves around music, she is currently studying Recording Arts and Audio Engineering so she can amplify her production and have a leg up on the competition. Keep your eyes and ears open because Maddento is about to release her first track, which is a reflection of herself and her journey thus far.

“This performance will be a special one for me as I am going to be bringing absolutely everything I have, to play my heaviest, weirdest set yet.” -Madison Shea

Lemondoza is new to Denver, however she started making waves as soon as she rolled into the city. She acknowledges her success as being due to Denver’s music scene. Anuta Pravdina (Lemondoza) has noticed how dedicated artists are to their community. She mentioned that she hasn’t seen an aggressive nature from anyone and no one seems to be geared towards competition, rather inclusion. Everyone wants to help each other succeed and as Anuta put it, there are tons of spaces and venues so there is potential for anyone to book shows. Lemondoza prides herself on creating music that is as authentic as possible and strives to make her sound unique. Everyone better have their ears pricked and ready for her upcoming EP, which will be released soon after this Saturday’s show. Lemondoza is also working to incorporate her own voice into many of her upcoming live shows!

Needless to say, every woman thats a part of this upcoming show is strong, independent and empowered to make their dreams come true, whether it’s on or off the stage. It is no secret that many industries have long been dominated by men, but seeing that it is 2019 there are no longer any barriers holding women back from doing ANYTHING they set their mind to. Simply being the minority, in any situation, leads to others to look down on you or makes reaching success harder than it should be. However, every female who begins to pick up DJing and producing changes that one name at a time, eventually altering the status quo.

Tickets are still available for this show and can be found here.