Autonomix Crushed ReSearch: Wednesday For Their Album Release Last Week! Catch Up Right Here!

Autonomix, the four-piece instrumental band from Denver, has been quickly making a name for themselves with slots at the two biggest festivals Colorado has to offer and a spotlight show at Cervantes Other Side for their album release party! At the beginning of June, Autonomix played a mid-afternoon set at Sonic Bloom and spiced things up at Hummingbird Stage, the festivals hidden gem. They had no problem getting people moving and grooving to the sound of their psychedelic themed jams, even with the early set time that day. The band's members include Zach Smith, Danny Littler, Jeff Pfannensteil, and Josh Nermon; all of whom mesh with each other seemingly effortlessly.

Just a week after performing at Sonic Bloom, the night before the Fourth of July, Autonomix headlined a show at Cervantes Otherside to promote their brand new album Counter-Balance. The hype generated for the show was undeniable and with a line out the door, they literally packed the house. The night before Independence day gave way to an epic Wednesday night bash, where people were letting loose and providing a true musical experience for everyone in attendance. Autonomix could not have had a better intro, starting things off with a full-house of people trying to push their way closer to the stage.



Prior to the main event, one of Colorado’s faster-rising names, Krushendo, got the crowd primed for an absolute dance party. Accompanied by his live drummer and even a saxophone from time to time, Krushendo managed to merge a handful of styles and sounds to create his own perfect dancefloor universe. You can really tell this guy enjoys his time on stage. He’s animated and vibrant and full of just pure happiness. I won't be surprised if I continue seeing his name on one bill after the other.

Before Krushendo, ReSearch: Wednesday's resident hot-shot, Jordan Polovina was doing his typical thing. Wooing the early crowd with his smooth, off the top free-styling, and really just all-around charm. If you haven't recently, do yourself the favor of stepping into the next Re:search: Wednesday a little early. The lines become a little blurry on whether Jordan and his group of special guests are performing, or just hanging out with you and all their friends while making some music. They keep it casual while always entertaining those that are there, in one way or another.

Being that the goal was to promote their new album, the Autonomix took on a unique performance aesthetic by dimming the lights on stage so that the focus was geared more towards immersing oneself in the music, rather than focusing on visual aspects. However, they did have a subtle but trippy visual board propped up on the back of the stage that sank you deeper into their realm of sentience. Keyboards, Drums, Guitar, and Bass. The guys in Automomix have truly mastered their instrumental electronic assemblage. Although The Other Side is a relatively small venue, it was filled to the brim with fans of true music artisans. The group has a knack for digging people into the grooviest of feels. With their broad-based vision of allowing the music to speak through the vibrations that rip through the crowd, these guys absolutely crushed their night in the spotlight.

Autonomix will be at Arise Music Festival at Sunrise Ranch in Colorado August 2-4. Their Saturday night set will be one that you do not want to miss so get your Arise tickets before they sell out!

Photos provided by SV Photographers, Taylor Joerger & Jordyn St. Vrain