Check The Updated SV Featured Playlist - Special Sonic Bloom Edition!

Our updated SV Featured Playlist is in, and with it like always, interviews and information from the artists themselves. SharedViews correspondent , Sophia Gabrielson, decided to pay homage to the upcoming annual installation of Sonic Bloom: The Unified Field. Each artist in this feature will indeed be taking part in the one of a kind music and arts festival, starting June 20th - June 24th, 2019. Sit back, relax, bump some new tracks, and we hope to see each and every one of you at the festival!

Khiva is a blooming DJ from British Columbia, Canada who has just recently, within the last couple of years, stepped into the electronic music scene. Although, her entrance to the scene was a bold one and she wasted garnering people’s attention. Khiva’s journey began with an innate desire to create and a curiosity with the ability to make sounds and music using technology. Her fascination quickly developed, in its infancy her style was rooted around heavy dubstep which proved to be a catalyst for her eventual unique sound. What may be Khiva’s “claim to fame”, is her ability to channel raw emotions and turn them into music. Just a year and a half ago where the release of Khiva’s debut EP, Deep Dark and Dangerous, which received extremely positive reactions. Initial reactions were drawn to Khiva’s break away from normal techniques taken by electronic music artists. Her method revolves around wicked reverbs, melancholy harmonies and tantalizing rhythms among deep beats. Since the EP dropped, Khiva has been traveling through Canada, the U.S. and Europe to perform shows and at festivals. This year marks Khiva’s first to perform, as well as attend, Sonic Bloom and she is excited to be a part of an inclusive festival that has what she calls an “open-minded” vibe and a family of friends that can be expected to grow over the course of the weekend. Make sure to include Khiva on your schedule for Sonic Bloom! She undoubtedly stands out for bringing a specific energy and personality to her shows, all which prove she is the key to her own success.

To say that Lespecial and band members, Luke Bernard, Jon Grusaukas, and Rory Dolan, create eclectic music would be an understatement; these musicians follow the beat of their own drums...and guitar and bass and keyboard and synth. Referred to as a “power trio”, these three artists create bold and eccentric music that never cease to keep the listener engaged. Lespecial will be making their premiere performance at Sonic Bloom this year, after previously being a part of the festival's pre-party at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom back in 2013. The band has always had their sights set on Bloom, as many of their friends and acquaintances have played the festival. Needless to say, they are very excited to have their premier slot in this years lineup. Although Lespecial is primarily a full-fledged band with acoustics and instrumentals, they will be incorporating electronic elements into their set at Sonic Bloom with a real-time DJ set! Their set will not be one to miss, as Lespecial plans to prove their skill and show off their experience with live improvisation. “Music lovers will enjoy our organic and glitchy electronic style, it presents a sense of humanity while being made with a computer.”

Zephyr is an experimental collaborative project composed, produced, and conceptualized by Eden Z. Clearwater. It is a perspective view proposed in collaboration with synthetic engineering, historical inspirations, surrealist imagery, and visionary culture; formatted and inspired by and for the natural world. Zephyr's music is a diverse mix of genres compressed in an intentional collaboration and accompanied by fantastical acoustic musicians who are often incorporated in the soundscape, including but not limited to dear friends: Fierce Le' Fey, David DeVine, Wind Clearwater, Daniel Be, Joe Alan, and Kait DeMent. Eden very proudly calls Colorado home and Sonic Bloom is very close to her heart, in more ways than one. Eden has been attending Bloom for years, in fact, it was at the festival that she says she had a, “very profound moment of awareness at an unforgettable Shpongle show and realized my passion for the art.” Amazingly, Eden took that moment of inspiration and turned it into Zephyr, continuously putting out incredible music with collaborative musicians. Eden has had a passionate desire to play at Bloom and in 2018 she finally got that chance, this will be her second year to be able to play alongside her biggest inspirations and favorite artists.

Spoonbill is an artist from Melbourne Australia, also on the lineup at Sonic Bloom this year and is expected to be an unmissable set! Spoonbill elicited a love of electronic music from an early background playing drums and interest in percussion which led to him getting his first sampler, inevitably, the rest is history. In 2015 Spoonbill won ‘Album of the Year’ for Tinkerbox and came runner up for ‘Producer of the Year’ at the UK Glitch Hop Awards. This is definitely a set to put on your radar, as it will be a great opportunity to see a world-renowned artist in an intimate festival like Sonic Bloom.

Russell Scott and his musical cohorts, Guitarist Andrew Block and drummer Deven Trusclair, are a dynamic group well-known in the electronic music scene as The Russ Liquid Test. Although, electronics are just the beginning when it comes to their musical talent and style. Russell Scott is a renowned brass specialist, with emphasis on the trumpet, and started the musical project in an attempt to mesh modern music with more classical approaches. His extensive background with instruments led him to create a purely unique style of music that seeks to explore sounds that can elicit every conceivable emotion. Russell has been taking time to pursue his own endeavors but is excited to reunite with the band as they get ready to pull up at Sonic Bloom. The groups' elaborate integration of instrumentation and technology-based sounds give way to a jazzy funked out accents. New Orleans, where Russel bore and bred The Russ Liquid Test, was a natural fit for his endeavors to grow and flourish. The groups' improv-driven musicality flourished within the New Orleans music scene and gave way to the impressive repertoire it now has behind its belt. The Russ Liquid Test will be returning to Sonic Bloom this year and plan on closing the weekend off with a high-energy set on Sunday night.


What you can do as a guest at Sonic Bloom to help with waste reduction and disposal:

Bringing extra trash bags and separating your landfill. Recyclables include cans, plastic bottles, glass, cardboard, paper, and any metals. Recyclables with food or grease don't get recycled! Put those in your "landfill" bag. You can even go the extra mile and separate your commercial compost! Any food or compostable-ware like paper plates and soiled napkins!

Sonic Bloom recycles cigarette butts! Please save them and dump them at designated disposal locations!

Don't bring any glass or mirrors! They are heavy, fragile, dangerous and will be confiscated at entry!

The festival got over 150 broken tent frames last year due to the wind, you must stake them down properly and attach the guy lines! If not, take down the shade when you leave camp every single time! Many vehicles get damaged by tumbling shade canopies and it is incredibly laborious to sort and get these frames recycled!

Lastly, be a part of the effort! Help keep camp clean, pick up, and leave no trace!