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ARISE Music And Arts Festival: Leaders In A Progressive Era

Upon creation, Co-founders, Paul Bassis and Tierro Lee, were inspired to create something that would become so much more than just a music festival. They turned Arise into a movement, one that is a contribution between allegiant men and women. One aspect that stood out, which sets Arise apart from other festivals, is their dedication towards sustainable practices. Everything from the food trucks to a full-fledged carbon offset program made Arise a place you can leave feeling like you were a small part of saving the Earth and its beautiful landscapes.

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Sonic Bloom 2019 - Get The Complete Inside Scoop Before You Go!

As the pre-week countdown for Sonic Bloom begins, people begin to start packing and getting their arrangements in order. We are here to help by providing some insight on what to expect once you pull up to the festival, as well as how to prepare beforehand. There is so much going on throughout the festival and in the days leading up, it can get overwhelming trying to figure out how to schedule your time. Whether it’s early morning yoga, sustainability workshops, the virtual reality tent or experiencing the magic of performance artists, there will be something for everyone at Sonic Bloom. We are very excited to relay some of the unique amenities and experiences that will be offered.

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Sustainable Holiday - by P.O.M.E. Global

The holiday season is a busy time for most and convenience plays a large factor in the way people prep for it. It can be tough to remember and may take some extra effort, but take the time needed to invest in sustainability during the holidays. We’re in this together! It feels great knowing we’ve made it through the season in the most environmentally responsible way possible. Here are a few easy ways to stay true to sustainable living throughout the holidays

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