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The 2019 summer music season is being kickstarted with a jam-packed 4/20 weekend, full of back-to-back shows and new releases. If you didn’t already request off work months ago and are now realizing that it’s less than a week away, now is the time to start sweet-talking your boss because this is not a weekend you want to miss! This article is your first chance to start marking your calendars for a summer that’s expected to be hot and heavy. We’ve had the chance to talk to some of those artists whom we’ve featured on our most recent bi-weekly playlist. We got the inside scoop about their new music, upcoming events and a little of what goes on behind the scenes.

The first track of our playlist features Denver-based duo Kyral x Banko with their song “Stacks” produced by Plenum Records. Originating from Chicago, these producers worked hard from the ground up by effectively balancing each other's unique talents to assert their presence in the electronic music scene. They describe themselves as fusing hip-hop mechanics with original synth-driven sounds and bass elements. “Stacks,” released about a month ago, is a fast-paced dive into a series of attack notes and bends that create an ongoing momentous listening experience. The track also incorporates trap style vocals in between torrents of elevated transitions. You can catch this unrivaled pair at their upcoming show at Larimer lounge this Thursday, April 18 when they open for another iconic duo, MZG. Kyral x Banko also have reserved slots at Spicy Bois one-year anniversary showcase in Iowa and Spring Awakening Festival in Chicago. More information is available on their Facebook page, including dates and tickets!

Perfect Number  EP Cover Artwork Provided by Spicy Bois Team

Perfect Number EP Cover Artwork Provided by Spicy Bois Team

One of the more unique artists on our playlist this week is Just John, an up and coming DJ from British Columbia that recently signed with Denver label Spicy Bois. Just John is a multi-genre producer who has been making music since he was just 11 years old. He started out playing the guitar, which sparked a flame that led him to learn a handful of instruments, such as saxophone, drums, bass guitar, and the piano. John’s extensive background led him to experiment on an array of platforms, proving that he is unwilling to limit himself to any one style or sound. Just John and his newfound partnership with Spicy Bois is only one of his current undertakings, producing music that he identifies as heavy bass, dark dubs, and trap. He also maintains a separate identity that is dedicated to house music, under the name Svstin. Oh, and it doesn’t end there. His third endeavor is more along the lines of chill tunes or future bass, which he has entitled No Last Name. Undoubtedly, all three of these projects are worthy of listening. However, the spotlight is currently shining on Just John and his upcoming debut with Spicy Bois. His EP is titled Perfect Number and includes six tracks, each with a seemingly simple melody but layered with accentuating reverbs and intrepid rhythms. The EP is set to release on 4/20. Just John will have several shows throughout Canada this summer but is also scheduled to have his debut show in America sometime in July. Even though the show’s location has been confirmed for Los Angeles, details are not readily available, so keep your eyes peeled for the official announcement.

Another featured artist this week is Colorado native ELCTRX (Ty) and his recently released, as of March 30th, “SlackJaw!” This song is an insane collaboration with Nick Sanville and DJ Dominic Deadbeat that took almost two years to complete. When I asked Ty about the creation process, he said, “this was a challenge for me to present a finished product that would do my very talented friends justice, but I am proud of the magic I was able to capture within this master.” ELCTRX is a part of Longevity Productions and based out of Fort Collins, Colorado; right next door to where he grew up in Livermore. Beginning his music career roughly eight years ago, he was quickly ensnared by the encapsulating intensity of bass centered electronic music and decided that was where his future was headed. Ty left Colorado to attend a music production college in LA, although, upon his return, he quickly realized that a head-first dive would be the only way to keep up with such a fast-paced industry. For ELCTRX, that means once a month he has at least one show booked and at least one new release expected for the remainder of the year. Get your tickets to his next big show on 4/20, at Hodis Half Note in Fort Collins, opening for Marvel Years alongside FunkStatik. Just over an hour from Denver, this show is expected to be nothing less than epic. The official event page can be found here.

Local Producer Alex Rowan, AKA Dozier made the cut with the title track, “Onslaught” from her new EP, QUADRIVIUM. We went in-depth on this project and it’s revolutionary visual art aspect and that story can be found here!

Official Artwork For Upcoming EP: DUALIITY - Set For Release 4/20 on MHSM Records

Official Artwork For Upcoming EP: DUALIITY - Set For Release 4/20 on MHSM Records

Without further ado, our featured artist of this week's playlist is FunkStatik and his single “Texture of My Soul.” This single will be the first of four songs that will appear on Duality, his new EP set to be released Friday, April 19th with MHSM Records [Mile High Sound Movement]. Duality, by definition is, “the contrast between two concepts.” In its most basic conception, that is exactly what FunkStatik (Matthew Rygol) was inspired by when creating his new EP. He wanted to balance heavy drops with the ability to pull on people’s heartstrings, creating a split-style atmospheric setting. “Texture of My Soul” utilizes 808 kick-drums, frequently heard in trap music, but it incorporates his own unique spin which he hopes resonates with listeners. The second track is titled “Dance Away” and considered the more light-hearted of the four tracks. “Give it to Me” is the third track on the EP which includes FunkStatik’s own vocal recordings. This song is said to have Griz inspired elements, eluding to a funkier and more soulful style. The fourth and final song on the EP is called “Underground". It’s a collaboration with Denver-local mash-up master, Drop Doc.

Raised in Omaha, Nebraska FunkStatik started drumming at the age of four and has surrounded himself with music for most of his life. Big influences are attributed to Travis Barker and Bassnectar, due to them being some of his early positive introductions into certain genres of music. Since the beginning of FunkStatik’s career, when he began DJing for other people to gain experience, he estimates that he has put in a good 15,000 hours into practicing, learning and/or listening to music. Albeit serious, Matt likes to joke that according to academic standards, he has a “doctorate level of hours put into his craft.” Being someone that is able to draw inspiration from their daily experiences, Rygol has repeatedly shown that his role as FunkStatik did not come about by accident. When he told me, “What I’m doing, it’s bigger than me,” I perceived that to mean he had no doubts that he was doing exactly what he was born to do.

Upcoming shows for FunkStatik are 4/20, in Fort Collins, opening for Marvel Years and then on 4/26 at the Ogden Theatre, with Manic Focus. May 1st will be an inclusive set at Cervantes Other side and at the end of May, the 17th through the 19th, he will have a set at One Vibration Festival in Durango. Finally, FunkStatik will be performing at the biggest electronic event of the summer in Colorado...Sonic Bloom, June 20th-23rd. Stay tuned for more official info on Sonic bloom as we are on board as an official media partner and will be bringing you full coverage all the way up to the event and beyond. Tickets are currently for sale and can be found here.

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