Collaboration The Name Of The Game - SoDown + Kyral X Banko + Def3

In today’s game, it’s all about the collab. The best artists of this generation have the ability to not only throw down on their own imagination but can match the style of their peers around them. SoDown, or Ehren Wright, is certainly one of these artists, dropping his own unique style wherever he goes, whatever that style may be for the day. Admittedly, Ehren is gonna make the music he wants to make. He, as with many artists these days, don’t want to be pinned down to one genre, or one sound. Kylal X Banko are a couple of real go-getters paving their own path and are equally as eager to prove they’ve got the chops. It only makes sense these two are putting out their latest work together. How else can you make a track gain steam? Go ahead and add Def3 and release it on the new EP! Brilliant!

The entire EP is available today on most platforms and can be found here on Soundcloud. As for the triple-threat collab we mentioned, “Rambo” is a beautiful collaboration right from the beginning featuring original bars from Def3 and at least one unique drop from both SoDown and Kyral X Banko. Let’s see if you can tell which is which, leave a comment below!

We got a sneak peek preview of this new track before the release and in turn the entire EP. Needless to say, we had some follow up questions. Like, “how did Def3 end on this track? “Def got on the track when I was in Canada playing a festival. I barely knew him but he invited me into his home to stay for a few nights. We adventured through Vancouver, became close friends, and recorded the track.” Said Ehren Wright, AKA, SoDown.

“Much like Rambo traversing the jungle, the track emerged, tattered and scarred but a pure muscular beast,” said 1/2 of Kyral X Banko, Bennett Jeffrey as the squad unveiled the song’s origins to us. “Basically what happened was Ehren passed me his computer while everyone was working on something else in our buddy’s studio and his computer was experiencing some issues at the time, but he showed me a fresh little hip-hop idea that he had going and then his computer crashed! Upon rebooting and recovering the file, the lead in Serum had completely changed to a flute-like sound. The computer problem was fixed and we continued to run with the mysterious computer-generated sound and it developed into the final product with vocals and the double time middle part. Definitely a strange situation that I hadn’t experienced before in terms of the sound being completely altered by a computer crash.”

Ok so let’s break that down for you less, producer-savvy readers. There was a glitch in The Matrix, and shit worked out. To catch the rest of this new and promising EP, go here! For tickets to this Friday’s Ogden show featuring SoDown, Defunk, Cofresi, & Trufeelz snag your ticket here!