SharedViews Mixtape Sessions - Vol. 11 feat. Dozier

It’s been almost 6 months since we released our last SV Mixtape Session (Vol 10) and we couldn’t be more excited to start bringing you more amazing, custom music. We are back now with Vol. 11 and we couldn’t think of a better artist to come back out of the gate with then Denver’s Dozier. Chances are you’ve begun hearing this artists name around town, if you’ve not actually seen her play already. If you know, then you know that Alex Rowan (Dozier) is not only an absolute rock star, but is also quickly rising to the ranks of Bass Queens around town and even beyond. Keep reading for our one-on-one conversation, see the results of her personal photo shoot with Drew Makenzi Photography, and of course listen to SV Mixtape Session Vol. 11 feat. DOZIER!

Dozier’s mixtape is being released only one day after announcing her first headline show as an artist, being held at Your Mom’s House in Denver on Oct 12th. We will keep you up to date on that show leading up to. The supporting cast, an all-female, all-awesome lineup consisting of Notlo, Mermix, Lemondoza, Maddneto, and Spirah. The night will surely be one to remember for not only Dozier but her fans and supporters as well.

Dozier resides with the popular label known as Potent Productions, who’ve been turning out one successful artist/event after another here in Denver. This is surely a name to keep on the tip of your tongue as we expect only more recognition and good times coming from the Potent group with Rowan leading the charge along with fellow Potent artists like MIDIcinal, Shuz Roswell, Halfway To Mars, and AVRY.

SV: Keeping it simple to start you off, tell us a bit about when you started making music. Where were you in your life? What were some of your inspirations?

Dozier: I started playing piano in 2nd grade, and went on to try several instruments before deciding I want to play a computer. Ha. I never thought anything would come of it career-wise until I discovered Ableton and met the super supportive underground bass community in Denver. Just the drive of my fellow producers out here alone is enough to inspire me to constantly push the boundaries of my creativity.

SV: Tell us about your free time. What do you take pleasure in besides music? Do any of these things influence your creations at all?

Dozier: I’m pretty much a workaholic. When I’m not creating music, I’m spending time learning graphic design or animation. I also write stories to go along with my music. Really anything in the creative realm is free game. I love discovering new outlets to express all that I want to create through the Dozier project.

SV: What does your music mean to you? Do you have an ultimate goal with your art? A final destination if you will?

Dozier: First and foremost my music is a therapeutic outlet. Beyond that, it’s a much, much bigger animal. I’ve had this ongoing EP project in the works that follows original art and a storyline to accompany the music. It’s a huge undertaking and I’m excited about where the project is headed. The ultimate goal is to connect with the world and introduce certain esoteric ideals back into the collective consciousness through visual and auditory storytelling. I see so many people around me struggling with their mental health, struggling to make sense of reality. This project is an attempt to bridge the connection we all share with one another and the universe, through the parallel of storytelling, to get back to some semblance of a cooperative society.

SV: Any inspiration or direction you decided to take with this mix?

Dozier: I wanted to include everyone inspiring me these days. The new sounds I’m discovering and the varying moods I like to float with my music.

SV: Tell us about some of the projects you’re working on outside of music, if any?

Dozier: I recently joined a group of badass producers and creatives aiming to shine a spotlight and provide a platform for women in the industry. We’re really excited for all of the amazing artists and talented minds involved in the project. I can’t say too much, but it’s going to be pretty amazing.

SV: What vision do you have for the Denver artist scene?

Dozier: I hope the Denver artist scene will get inspired by all of these new collectives, projects, opportunities coming up right now and go out to create their own utopia. There’s so many people out here that have amazing ideas for events, workshops, creative spaces. I just want this city to explode and everyone take advantage of the stellar community around you. I think the Denver scene gets a little cliquey and sometimes just look out for “their own.” But at the end of the day, no matter if you make House, Funk, or DNB, we all just want to have a good time in this weird experience that is life. Why not help each other out, because when we all work together, we all come up together.

SV: Who are some of your favorite up & coming artists right now?

Dozier: Great Dane has been on the scene for a while, but his music never gets the recognition it deserves. He’s in my top rotation of music right now. Plus Tsuruda, Chee, Floret Loret, and all the Spicy Bois.

SV: What message, if any, do you have for those who may be looking up to you now or looking elsewhere for inspiration?

Dozier: Go listen to Ira Glass’ talk “The Gap.” It refers to that gap between your skills and your taste when you just start out in your creative endeavors. When I first started working in Ableton, everything I created sounded like garbage to me. I knew what I liked and what I was making wasn’t on par with my usual standard. It’s an uphill battle, but eventually you start to get there. I’d say this is a huge golden nugget of information for new producers feeling stuck.

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