"Through The Aether" Drops. A New But Welcomed Sound From Latest EP As Lucid Vision Prepares For Headline Show!

I guess you could say Lucid Vision, or Dalton Kieta, has been on a bit of a roll lately. As if providing direct support for chart-toppers, The Glitch Mob, during their mini Colorado tour late last year wasn’t enough, the Local Colorado artist has found a way to demand our attention pretty much every week of the new year so far.

On Friday, Jan 4th, LV teased us with the release of his first single in 2019, “The Fifth Element.” The track introduces a rather new feel from this vibe-centric artist which it turns out was to meant to prepare us for the release of an entire 5-track EP just a week later. Dropped on Friday, Jan 11th, Through The Aether didn’t steer far away from the same new sound, which Kieta describes as an almost “cinematic experience” for his listeners. From start to finish, this project definitely takes us on a bit of a journey, utilizing an array of real sounds generated from real life. You can always feel a certain energy devoted to the production of this artists music and THAT has certainly not changed with this new EP. Kieta told us that while it was truly fun to work on a semi-different style/sound, he has no plans of continuing in that direction or any direction for that matter. When you speak to this artist, it’s easy to tell who he truly creates his art for and I’ll give you a clue, it’s not himself. From singles to EP’s, to live performances, Lucid Vision’s goal is to provide his audience an experience they won't soon forget. “It’s not about the destination nearly as much as the road to getting there,” he told us during our brief one-on-one. This artists energy and enthusiasm is nothing short of contagious and for us, that transfers over 100% to his art and music.

The crest on top of this multi-week wave Dalton has been riding, lies in the form of an all out throw-down this Friday, Jan 18th at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. Lucid Vision will share the stage with fellow Coloradan artists like Homemade Spaceship, Borham Lee of Break Science, Totem and Still Point. Between this lot of talented artists, Friday is guaranteed to be one hell of a show! We don’t want to reveal too much but we know they’re bringing a massive 50-panel LED wall and 4 lasers from @mindbeam_productions as well. Moral of the story, just get there! Tickets are still for sale but running low, and you can catch them at the FB event page or the actual ticket page located here!