Get The Inside Scoop On Denver's Neon Baby, The Pop-Up Replacement Opening Tonight!

Denver establishments come and go all the time. In this town, the hottest space one week can go belly-up the next, or so it seems. But this isn’t exactly the case with the eccentric and crowd-pleasing, Yeah Baby, which “Popped up” so to speak, last year as an impermanent creative space in Denver’s popular RINO district. The pure demand for this unique space was enough to motivate the team to set permanent roots for their creation, after a nice little facelift and remodel of-course. You can find more details on the Yeah Baby renovations and transition period in this article from The Westword, but what about in the meantime? What will the people do without one of Denver’s many attractive spots for nightlife and live music? Enter, Neon Baby, the pop-up to replace the pop-up.

The team behind Yeah Baby Denver will continue producing Denver dance parties, only about a mile into downtown and at a new temporary location called Neon Baby. Neon Baby is popping up at the historic Mattie Silks Building off of 19th and Market and is attached to the downtown staple, Lodo’s. This week we got an inside look at the new and mysterious Disco Lounge, promising to bring Denver the best sounds in Techno, House, Funk, & Disco music. So what else can we expect when they officially open their doors tonight The new venue already has some pretty exciting names set to play, along with a themed “Neon Pop” Friday night set to take place every week through the end of July. In this first week alone you can expect to see noteworthy names like The Fun Factory (opening night) and DUNKS who’s 1/2 of The Funk Hunters!

The new space underwent a 72-hour turnaround, in order to get the doors open by tonight. That’s the kind of pressure Crystal Wiggins, or the Yeah Baby Creative Director eats for breakfast! The team hauled in a jungles worth of neon plants, fresh decor all the way around, 5 gallons of blackout paint, and of course the giant, signature, Yeah Baby disco ball. And I mean GIANT. The mood will be fresh and fun and in my personal opinion, a much-needed injection to the Lodo nightlife area. Tonight entry is free before 10 pm. They have shenanigans planned through the weekend and will be open Thursday-Sunday as a general rule of thumb. Catch up on their new and official Facebook page for more upcoming events and parties.