Powder Rangers 3 - The Floozies w/ Maddy O'Neal Colorado Mountain Tour - A MUST SEE

We’ve all come to know and love the original funky, electronic sound delivered from The Floozies. Though their sound wasn’t originated in Colorado, they seem to have a certain fit with the funk-loving, easy-going crowd you tend to find in the Rocky Mountain region. Maybe this is why Kansas duo Matt & Mark Hill or, The Floozies, set out for the 3rd installment of their Powder Rangers Tour, always taking place west of the Continental Divide, usually in Colorado’s beloved mountain ski-towns (plus a little Utah and Wyoming). This time, they dragged local Colorado producer and powerhouse, Maddy O'Neal, along for their crazy adventure.

We caught their gig in Frisco, CO on January 13th at newly built 10 Mile Music Hall and what a ride! This new and intimate venue carried fantastic sound and noticeable energy, filled with mostly locals ready to get down. Maddy O'Neal got the night started. Waiting for her, an already full house! With her signature happy-go-lucky smile cheesin’, as usual, Maddy delivered a set to impress. Versatile and direct, she seemed to further solidify her own sound while also showcasing the ability to get outside of her norm. She wasted no time, diving right in with a heavy, bassy, almost dark at times vibe. It almost felt somewhat, “underground” even. It was GREAT! Midway through she seemed to begin moving towards her funky side, probably wisely preparing the crowd for what was to come. From start to finish the crowd matched her energy, and overall I don’t know that you could ask for much more from an opening act. If you don’t already, make sure to keep up with this artist. She’s a star and after her first headline set last year at The Bluebird Theatre being such a beautiful success, we expect we’ll all see a lot more big things from this artist in 2019.

As a fan, I’ve personally always enjoyed The Floozies for their extremely unique and funky sound. Live, these guys don’t hold back any punches. From the talk-box to the guitar, Matt is an absolute shredder! His live guitar licks are crisp and original and combined with his brother Mark’s beats on the kit, these guys are all the ingredients for a kick-ass time. Regardless of what people might think or assume because of their electronic sound, these two are Rock n Roller’s through and through! Oh, you can’t see Matt on stage? It’s probably because he’s laying on his back while shredding his solo! From what we could tell though, few people were looking. Everyone was too busy getting the funk down! Absolutely every person in the house was moving and grooving, bar-tenders and fans alike. They played a fair amount of their hits, new and old, while intermixed with new and fun fast-beat, almost jam-sesh feeling sounds. A personal favorite moment came in the form of their Kanye West’s, Runaway (Let’s Have A Toast For The Douchebags) cover. Why? Because it was awesome that’s why! Go for the music but if you needed a final reason to catch a date on this tour, the freakin' lasers man. The entire set was accompanied by a mind-melting laser and light show.

10/10 we would recommend heading to one of the remaining Powder Rangers 3 dates. They are nearly half-way through the tour and for ticket info and dates, check out the facebook page here.