Official Recap: Prince Fox w/ BARDZ, GODLAZER, HU on The Roof at Jackson's

There is no doubt that last Thursday’s rooftop party exceeded some expectations. People’s energy and hype for the music was contagious. Potent Productions seems to be on a roll, completing their second rooftop party of the season. As the summer season really starts to take off, Jackson’s rooftop is proving to be the perfect place to cool down after a hot day and enjoy the cooler weather once the sun has set. On this particular evening, the acts included HU, GODLAZER, BARDZ and an epic headlining set by Prince Fox.

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Potent Productions has been using these rooftop shows as a way to integrate themselves into the amazing summer music scene that comes alive in the Denver metro area. There is so much to do in The Mile City, whether it’s events, shows, festivals etc. that it can be hard to compete for people’s attention. However, Thursdays at Jackson’s are proving that people are already over their long work week and ready to get groovy before the chaos of Friday/Saturday crowds. This most recent show on June 6th resulted in a perfect cocktail crafted by a perfect compilation of artists, amazing crowd, some sweet production, and a dash of booze.

The night started as the sun went into hiding and GODLAZER kicked things off with an unreal set that incorporates so much more than just his computed tracks. This project is due to the inspiration of frontman Christopher Caligaris, incorporating live instruments and vocals with his DJ equipment. GODLAZER turns shows into an experience with what's been called, “melt your face off” type of beats. Succeeding his show at Jackson’s, we are very excited to see GODLAZER this Friday night at Sonic Bloom. If you are at the festival don’t forget to check out his set, you won’t want to miss it.

BARDZ is another multi-talented musician who incorporates live instrumental music into his DJ sets. BARDZ performs while playing his guitar and manipulating his electronics at the same time, an impressive show of multi-tasking skills. Everyone at Potent Productions was very excited to have BARDZ, as this was his debut performance in Denver! His set comprised of some amazing original content and some inspired remixes of classic tunes. We hope to see BARDZ back in Colorado sooner than later for more of his captivating live shows.

The headliner of the night, Prince Fox, came out to a crowd with open arms for a much-anticipated set. Prince Fox is increasingly on his way to becoming a household name with his own unique style and collaborations. Collaborations with artists such as Ellise, Bella Thorne, and Melody Noel. Based out of Los Angeles, Sam Lassner created the persona of Prince Fox and has become highly regarded for his masterful remixes on top of all his quality original content. One of the pinnacle songs of his set was an incredible remix of “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X, which had the entire crowd getting down and singing along. Big thanks to Prince Fox for coming out to Jackson’s and throwing down a set that gave life to the night!

As the night crescendoed into hyperintensity after Prince Foxes set, HU came out to close with a set that sent some good vibes into the air. Being a Denver local artist and Colorado native, Hunter Long shows his love for this state through his passion and his music. For those curious about his stage name, “HU is not actually a word but the letter symbol combination that humans use to denote vibrational frequency”, according to Long. HU’s music is definitely vibrational, bouncy and upbeat while mixing some cosmic flares and trip-hop rhythms. Keep looking out for any upcoming shows in the Denver area to catch HU and his original electronic sets.

Overall, the night was a huge success and we can’t wait to see you at the next rooftop show on July 6th. The Potent team has a long day of sunshine and music planned for you. CAPYAC is set to rock that day-time party and you can get your tickets ahead of time to save some money, right here or check the official FB page for more info.

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Official recap video produced by: Daniel Hedrick |

Official recap photography by: Jordyn St. Vrain w/ support from Luke Bowe