Re:Visit - Gallery from Last Week And Catch Up On Our Convo w/ VibeSquad Before Tonight!



SharedViews: You describe your genre as "Bass Therapy" - Assuming you truly believe that, can you describe your take on just why music can serve as such therapy and why it's so important.

VibeSquad: “I have always been fascinated with music's ability to elevate people to different states of mind. As a kid I remember music making feel joy, stimulating my imagination and creativity and seemingly transporting me somewhere special. I try to create an uplifting experience for listeners and design my music to help people feel good.”

SV: You performed a stripped down piano set at Sonic Bloom. What inspired such a raw performance there, and do you have any similar performances like this planned for the future?

VS: “I love playing piano. about 5 years ago I got a grand piano and I play everyday for my own enjoyment. I have always wanted to share that music with people but I don't find a lot of opportunities to do so. Sonic Bloom was gracious enough to let me improvise an hour of piano music this year (on my birthday) it was a really special experience for me. I hope i get more opportunities to do that in the future.”

SV: Tell us your views on the Colorado culture and how important this city, in particular, is for the current music scene, or even political scene.

VS: “I moved to Colorado from Chicago in 1997. My wife and I raised our 2 sons here and we love living in CO. The music scene was non-existant when we moved here but has evolved into something world-class over the last 20 years. I am really proud to have played a small part in the evolution of the Colorado music scene.”

SV: Any new music in the works you can tell us about? Or other big gigs to look forward to?

VS: “I am currently sitting on more unreleased original music than I ever have. Expect tons of debuts at the Cervente's show. I have an EP coming out this month on Sleeveless Records and an all original mixtape dropping via 40 Oz. Collective. I was a recent guest on Mr. Bill's podcast. I am teaching music production with Ableton Live full time and playing VibeSquaD shows on select weekends throughout the year.”