The Road To Sonic Bloom 2019 Begins Tonight In Denver!

This week marks the official beginning of The Road To Sonic Bloom 2019 and if you’ve got the chance, we highly recommend making your way to The Black Box for the official kick-off event featuring VibeSquad and Andreilien TONIGHT!


This event is brought to you by the team at Sub.Mission and with direct support from Fonzie and Dozier, this is easily the spot you want to spend your Thursday night in Denver. We’ve recently reported on the brand new EP AND graphic novel from Alex Rowan aka Dozier, of Potent Productions. She’s also fresh off of her debut performance at Denver’s famous Ogden Theatre. Read more about her revolutionary project here.

Fonzie, who is particularly excited to get things started for The Road To Sonic Bloom told us, “I’ve got a ton of new original music and heaters from unknown producers to rattle that Black Box main room rig. If you like weird bass music and supporting Denver locals as they play their dream gig, don't skip the little guys tonight. I’ve always dug Heyoka's [former name of Andreilien] tunes, but I jived with VibeSquad especially. He performed at Sonic Bloom 2010, which was my first music festival. He's been a constant source of influence for me over the decade, plus I've been writing and performing my own bass music. I always hoped I would get a chance to share the stage with him but when he retired the name last year I figured that would never happen. Now that he's back I couldn't be more grateful to open up the night for him.”


The Road To Sonic Bloom includes a string of 10 official events in a prelude to Colorado’s most premiere 4-day electronic Music & Arts Festival, Sonic Bloom 2019, plus one Official Sonic Bloom Pre-Party set for a date in May at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. Between these events, you can expect to see some pretty note-worthy names… as if Sonic Bloom’s own lineup wasn’t juicy enough already. On this long and jam-filled road, you can expect to see names like Break Science, Shlump, kLL sMTH, Kayla Scintilla, Eve Olution, ill-ēsha, Moontricks, TOR, Blossomn, Andrew Rothschild, Jamie Janover, Melody Lines, LowPro., Of The Trees, and Dorfex Bos.

Before the main event, you can even jump in on the SONIC BLOOM Academy which describes itself as, “a three-day immersive musical experience right before SONIC BLOOM. Sharpen your creative edge at this unique creative experience hosted by artists from across the nation, including Colorado’s own, Sunsquabi. The SONIC BLOOM Music Academy is in conjunction with Ableton Live and will be hosted on-site at The Hummingbird Ranch June 16th-19th along with The Permaculture Academy and The Visual Art Academy.

For more information about Sonic Bloom 2019, The Road To Sonic Bloom and to find tickets/pricing information, visit the official Sonic Bloom facebook page here or the website here.