Get Ready For The Shinobi Sessions II Presented By Village Hidden In The Bass

“The Village Hidden in the Bass is a community-driven promotional company. We select talent from our pool of DJ’s/producers out of our nearly 2300 Facebook members. People audition for the opportunity to perform at our resident show, The Shinobi Sessions. This event is held at the Black Buzzard underneath the Oskar Blues Brewery near the 16th st. mall.

We provide unique infinity mirror production, industry standard CDJ’s, and a welcoming environment. Our goal is to unite the members of Colorado’s electronic music scene. Creating connections for people to move forward with; our motto: “We Thrive Together”. Without the community backing us, we would be nothing. The Village was constructed and exists solely for our members which we so lovingly call Shinobi.

The name of the group/company is a reference to the village titles from the popular ninja anime, Naruto. Basically, the moral plot line behind the show is that he never gives up on his dreams or his friends despite extreme roadblocks and emotional turmoil. It’s cheesy but we believe in each other as they did in their community.

The Village is full of kind, talented, unique individuals from all walks of life. We have people ages 16-60 living all across the world with members in Scotland, Luxembourg, Australia, etc. We are united by art and music.

We will continue to push for artistic equality in Denver based off of talent, not social draw. Everybody deserves the opportunity to perform. We are overjoyed to have had the success we did with our first Shinobi Sessions. The next pieces of the stage will debut at our next event on April 25th.

Shinobi Sessions II features the talents of Krakyn, Daddy Wompus, Sheaomattic, Moldamind, RYSE, Dak-Atk, BetaWolf, Green Matter, and Infinitey. Lux Liberation’s infinity mirror stage design is a centerpiece of our show. There will be a couple of live painters in the back of the event. Vendors include VHB and Konscious Movement. Tickets to the show can be found online or at the door for $10.”

  • Jade Marissa - Village Hidden In The Bass Creator

More info can be found for The Shinobi Sessions II at the event fb page here. Tickets can be purchased here.