SV Mixtape Session Vol. 12 feat. Wax Future's Newest Beat Tape



1. Tell us about the origins of your Beat Tape Vol. 1, and what ways you decided to play off of that for this new version.

The beat tape work that we do is always about preserving the art of sample-based hip-hop. Major influences for this style come from some of the hip-hop greats, like J Dilla, 9th wonder and Madlib. Nothing new on this one, we really just looked to make a classic hip-hop record and also release some of the hidden gems that fell into the very deep depths of my hard drive

2. You've got a pretty loyal following, dubbed "The Wax Mob." How does that feel, having such a visible support base and how do you utilize that tool when it comes to the creation of your music, or shows.

(Keith)Our supporters are the reason we get to experience all of this. We’re so incredibly thankful for them. Having such a close group of people to bounce ideas off of and share energy with is special. We’re just getting started with working on ways to reciprocate the love and support they provide us. Some friends and us dubbed it the Wax Mob because of how tenacious our supporters would be promoting us and voicing the need for us to be on certain lineups and events. The name stuck.

3. You've got a show upcoming here in our hometown of Denver. What's your experience been like so far, with other ventures to the 303? What are you planning to bring to the table this time around? How does Denver standup, compared to the many other cities you have visited?

(Keith)Colorado is the epicenter of a lot of music that has help shape how we approach creation ourselves. It's also an amazing destination for all things nature and winter sports. This will be our third time playing Denver and our first time headlining, we’re brainstorming some ways to make this really special. More to come on that.

4. Describe briefly the scene in Philly. Are there any names coming out of your hometown right now, you think we should know about?

(Keith)The Philly scene is really special, especially in the electronic music realm. I believe we take time and try to lift each other up whether its through booking shows together or via collaborations. There is a ton of talent in this city and all that does is keep us all working as hard as we can. The list is long and some of them might be near neighbors or transplants but we love everything cats like The Business., Tygris, 5 AM, Aurize, and Solar Circuit to name a few.

5. It's our understanding one of you has become a new father. Congratulations! Describe that feeling, of being a new dad. How does it impact your musical career and how has it been, being on tour?

Thank you. We just welcomed our first daughter, baby Juniper. It’s always a balance, as it is for any musician. Although it is hard to be away from the fam when I am on the road, music is such a beautiful part of our life, and I am lucky enough to have a wonderful wife, who understands and loves that music is a part of me. Music will always be a huge part of our life and I can’t wait to enjoy making and listening to music with my kids as they grow.



6. Is there a specific moment or accomplishment you can point back to, that you feel legitimized your career as Wax Future?

(Keith)I feel like something will come along and legitimize it all, but I feel the feeling is temporary and fades and self doubt kicks in again until another opportunity comes along and resets the feeling. I would say opening for Pretty Lights, the touring opportunities opening for artists we look up to, and this upcoming Lotus run. These are all moments that make you think, “damn, we’re really doing this aren't we?”

8. One of the best things about Wax Future is the diversity of music you bring to the table.

Where does your range end, would you say? What helps you decide which road you're going to take when approaching a new mix, or show? (Keith)5Range of styles is broad, Connor and I are songwriters and storytellers first. We firmly believe in conveying energy and emotion through arrangements. I would say for a show we try to factor in the set and setting of the event, from there how we’re going to guide the energy of the set, ie. from low to high, or peaks and valleys. It can vary greatly based on a lot of things. A 3 pm outdoor festival set is going to be different than a 9 pm opening slot on a tour etc. etc. We always try to align ourselves with the specific energy of an event.

7. Question for Jamal Rab: Do you have any specific techniques or inspirations you can tell us in regards to the custom video?

No special techniques. Just the inspiration from the music I’m hearing. I always mix live, generally without even knowing the setlist. Even this mix was done in one take, (with some minors edits to finalize it for upload!) Doing it this way isn’t as polished, but each time I am creating something unique. I try to match the vibe, the mood, and the crowd in that moment we’re sharing together.