SharedViews Mixtape Sessions - Vol. 4 feat. JAY

From Engineer to electronic music producer. Probably not a very far stretch when you think about it. You wouldn’t know it either, when listening to the new SV mixtape from Bass House producer, JAY. This mix bounces you around, along the way giving no feeling of a “dialed in” or “engineered” set. It’s guaranteed to keep you moving and groovin' the entire time. If, however, you get the chance to talk to JAY or Jacob Smith about his music, the engineer in him starts shining bright!

Patterns, exact frequencies, artificial intelligence, and prediction technology. These are all things going through this young artists mind as he begins to shape his early career. “I really appreciate the visual arts too,” JAY tells us while outlining some of his long-term ambitions. “It’s kind of like my home base and when I started writing my own music I thought it would be so cool if there could be very specific patterns and things to go with my music. Kind of like an auditory and visual expression of the art at the same time.”

JAY started his music career while in school to be a mechanical engineer at Montana State University. Being only one year into living in Denver, he’s hungry to dive into the music scene and the ever-growing Denver community. He described the vast difference between his stomping grounds as a DJ in Montana and his new home in the Mile High City. “I don’t always want to melt face to dubstep at The Zebra. I come down here and I can get a little bit of everything” says JAY as he listed the never-ending string of parties and venues on any given night in Denver.

From Flume to Ghastly, to Dustycloud, JAY’s personal taste is as diverse as his delivery style. His only desire in the production of his art? “To blow peoples minds!” We can’t wait to follow along with JAY as his career takes off and we hope you will too! To get in touch with JAY about bookings or collaborations of any sort, you can find him on Instagram @JAY_harmonics.

Whether you are 20 minutes into this new mixtape or saving it for later, we’ll let the man himself give you the final note.

“Enjoy being bad at something until you’re good at it. Music or whatever it is you do, you might not ever be any sort of good until you suck at something for a long time.”

Photo credit: Kevin Hernandez Photography - @raw_5280


  1. Hurricane Love - L.A WOMEN & Jasper Dietze

  2. Take Control - Gustavo Mota & Hot Bullet

  3. Those Nights - Dustycloud

  4. Meant to Love You ft ROUXN - Jauz

  5. Ghost 'N' Stuff (Matroda Remix) - Deadmau5

  6. Lick It - Valentino Khan

  7. Keepmastik - Phlegmatic Dogs


  9. DIV:IDE - Funk Accelerator

  10. Sudden Bloom - Kaux

  11. Step Back - DLMT x Rob James

  12. Lovin Me - SNBRN


  14. Feel The Volume - Jauz

  15. Baller - CMC$ & Crossnaders

  16. The Factory - Carta

  17. Make It - PopNONSENS

  18. Double - CupCarta

  19. Rough (feat. LexBlaze) - SLNCE & VILO

  20. Fly Kicks (Wax Motif Remix) - AC Slater & Chris Lorenzo

  21. Miami - ViceKjuus

  22. Phone Cal - l$tand Alone & New Northern

  23. Turn It Around - Merk & Kremont

  24. Relics - Moretein

  25. Back Again - Sikdope x LOUD ABOUT US!

  26. Feels Like (Clubbers Remix) - Kickstarts & Dabox

  27. 21 Bad Bitches (Nocturne Remix) - Yellowclaw

  28. Hawt - Brillz & Ghastly

  29. Japanese Coke - Art Supplies

  30. Revived - High 'n' Rich



  33. Four To The Floor - Ronko

  34. Feel It - Breathe Carolina & Sunstars

  35. Fracture (SUB-human Remix) - Slumberjack feat. Vera Blue

  36. Switch (feat. Ephwurd) - JVST SAY YES

  37. Brazilian Wax - FlipN'Gawd

  38. Fat Beat - (David Puentez Remix)Tiësto

  39. Night Of The Crowd - Julian Jordan & Steff Da Campo

  40. End Of The Night - NGHTMRE & Ghastly

  41. Prisoner - Drezo

  42. ChunksOdd - Mob


  44. Waist Time - Diplo & Autoerotique

  45. Complex - Jake Dile

  46. God's Plan (David Puentez VIP Edit) - Drake

  47. The Depths - JAY