SharedViews Mixtape Sessions - Vol. 8 feat. ELCTRX

When you work around the music industry, you ultimately meet all kinds of different talents, personalities, and characters. Every once in a while you come across that super humble, super talented, “been around the block” type of producer, and it really gives you that feeling that this is what it’s all about! Ty Grant, AKA ELCTRX, is exactly that kinda guy. You may or may not have heard of him, but chances are you’ve enjoyed some magical event or gig that he’s played a huge roll in. We were absolutely stoked to get the chance to work with this artist for the 8th installment of our SV Mixtape Sessions. “The Ocho” is here everyone!

Influenced early on by sounds from The Glitch Mob, Ty spent the early parts of his adulthood framing houses with his dad. That became an early lesson on not only hard work and dedication, but also on what he did not want to do for the rest of his life. The biggest motivation to work towards his art and music came in the form of a brief hospital visit, after taking a nail straight to the chest on a job site. Gnarly! This time-period allowed Ty to realize what was truly important to him and more-so, which direction he would dedicate his life. Music!

Today, ELCTRX (of Longevity Productions) is popping up all over Colorado and beyond. Perhaps as a reward for all the hard work and selfless love he’s put in. Just talk to anyone in Fort Collins, CO where he calls home base and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Whether dedicating his own money, time, manpower, or equipment, Ty is constantly on the giving end of the tight-net musical community around him. We couldn’t be happier to help announce some of the upcoming projects from this producer, primarily an un-announced 2-day tour through Oklahoma and Arkansas! That’s right you heard it here first! He will be joining TwoScoopS for a multi-day tour late in February. More info on this will be coming soon but until then enjoy Vol. 8’s 100% original music coming to you first, and catch up on the rest of the one-on-one convo we had with ELCTRX

SharedViews: Do you have an ultimate goal with your art or some sort of vision for the path to getting there?

ELCTRX: Absolutely. I have a 2-year, 5-year, and a 10-year plan for where I want to go. Hopefully even beyond there. I always want to be pushing boundaries. I don’t ever want to be just settled with where I’m at. I always want to have an answer to what’s next! Right now I’ve just be honed in, focusing on the music. A lot of the stuff I’ve been releasing have been gems I’ve held onto for almost like 3 years. Now I’m starting to open to floodgates and this mix will actually have a lot of those featured. Think of it as a showcase of what’s next and what’s to come in 2019.

SV: Do you have any EP’s planned?

ELCTRX: I have 1, maybe 2 EP’s planned as well as a side project with a buddy who’s out in LA. We’ve showcased it once at a festival two years but it didn't really go the way we wanted it to. Both him and I know what we are doing so it was just time to take a step back, re-evaluate, and figure out how to make it a little better. More practice time is key. It’s going to be a little electronic meets Pink Floydish kind of mellow vibe. We don’t even have a name for it yet, we’ve just been focusing primarily on the music!

SV: What about live performances? Anything up-coming?

ELCTRX: The big one I have coming up is on Valentine's day at The Bluebird Theatre down in Denver, opening for The Orcastrator. Then after that, we are heading out on a 2 or maybe 3 days tour through Oklahoma and Arkansas. Me and TwoScoopS (fellow FoCo artist) will be heading out, hitting some bigger venues than we were even expecting! We are super excited to get more info out but look for dates and ticket info late in February! Between all of that, I’m also opening for FunkStatik and Marvel Years in Fort Collins on 4/20! (Event Details here).

SV: Before wrapping it up, let’s talk about Denver and FoCo by extension, in terms of “the scene.” What vision, if any, do you have as an artist for where you’d like this crazy road to take us in Denver and surrounding areas?

ELCTRX: Well I think it’s going in a good way. I have to say, out of any state I’ve ever seen, even living out in LA, Denver has the best platform for someone who’s up & coming. There’s a lot of people there that want new music. They are spoiled constantly with good tunes and they want more and more and more. There’s a lot of venues, and mostly a lot of people that support it all. Their support for artists is kind of unlike anywhere else just because they are actually there for the artists and to show support. Any given night in Denver, you can count on getting support from the community. I’d like to kinda see Fort Collins and Denver make a little more of a connection, as there are so many people here as well who appreciate the good music. Hopefully, as things continue to get busier down there, things will continue to move in that direction here in FoCo.

SV: What message if any do you have for those looking up to you now or looking elsewhere for inspiration to keep going or growing their craft?

ELCTRX: Learn as much as you can, and just be humble, really. Just be you, cause that’s what makes you different from everyone else. It takes time and you’ll never really know when’s your time. It can take a while. You might think people are passing you up or whatever but the only time it really ends is when you give up on it. It may not be your time but keep going and when your time comes it will be even better!.

Photo origin: Artist Facebook

Photo origin: Artist Facebook

Track List:

1. ELCTRX - Status Quo
2. ELCTRX - Status Quo x ELCTRX - Jungleknot
3. ELCTRX - Jungleknot
4. ELCTRX - Bomanicious
5. ELCTRX - Bomanicious x ELCTRX - Pinky's Up ft. Joey Trouble
6. ELCTRX - Pinky's Up ft. Joey Trouble
7. Tech N9ne - How I'm Feelin' ft. Sno tha Product & Nave Monjo (ELCTRX retwerk)
8. Madonna - Bitch I'm Madonna ft. Nicki Minaj (ELCTRX retwerk)
9. ELCTRX - HeadySteady
10. ELCTRX - HeadySteady x Butch Clancy - Russian Lullaby (ELCTRX Remix)
11. Butch Clancy - Russian Lullaby (ELCTRX Remix)
12. Shuggie Otis - Sweet Thang (ELCTRX Retwerk)
13. Defunk - Can't Buy Me ft. Megan Hamilton & Wes Writer (ELCTRX Remix)
14. ELCTRX - Deja Vu
15. Clozee - Harmony (ELCTRX Remix)
16. ELCTRX - Stagger
17. ELCTRX - Molasses