SharedViews Mixtape Sessions - Vol. 9 feat RC3

Imagine your schedule as a full-time business owner, Dj, Producer, and more. Busy every day and every night, out and about hustling, networking, and just doing everything you gotta do to make your dreams come true! Now you’re in the shoes of Denver’s Rob West, AKA, RC3.

It can be tough to be noticed, trying to come up in a musically saturated town like Denver. But if you’ve got the drive, all things are possible. Take it from Rob, as in just a short matter of time he’s become one of the preeminent names around town when it comes to getting the party started. In fact, the 33-year-old only started on the decks 3 years ago! You wouldn’t know it as you’ve probably started to see his name almost weekly or bi-weekly at this point. He’s been absolutely crushing it around town. He most recently opened for some true powerhouse names like Dr. Fresch, ZDS, and Anna Lunoe just to name a few. As a part owner of the local production company, 128 Productions, Rob’s and his partner Alex Padgett (AP) double down on making sure Denverites have a proper selection of nightlife activity. You’ve probably seen the name alongside “The Hundred Presents” on more than a few local events taking place around town. Most notably right now, the duo has announced two powerhouse shows coming up in Josh Butler on March 1st and Yotto April 5th. You can catch RC3 opening for Josh Butler on March 1st, as well as the Autograf at Temple Night Club this coming March 8th. As for Yotto, previously featured SV mixtape artist Andy Immerman will have the pleasure of opening for everyone's smiling faces. These guys, as you can see, are great at keeping it in the family while still spreading the love and making sure to find new talent and giving everyone a shot! Priority #1 seems to be having a good ass time!

It’s an honor to be able to feature such deserving artists in the Mixtape Sessions series. Vol. 9 feat RC3 is live now and as an extra treat, we’ve included Vol. 9 Part II where we sat down with Rob, AP, and multiple other prominent members of the Colorado music scene to discuss some hot topics. Bri Long of Longevity Productions and Alex Rowan AKA Dozier also took part in this almost hour-long conversation. This all-star panel weighs in on buzzing topics in today's' music scene like guest list etiquette, DJ’s taking free gigs vs. paid gigs, and shady vs. non-shady promoter tactics. There’s a little something in there for everyone so strap in for a couple hours and enjoy this fresh guest mix + conversation.

RC3 SharedViews Mixtape Vol 9 Track List

Hard Holmes (original mix) - Jey Kurmis

EF2MOZ (original mix) - Ben Remember

Deep (original mix) - Basel Darwish

Crazy Things at Night (extended mix) - Sonny Fodera, Biscits

Enter the Rave (original mix) - Fabs#

Pushin’ (Save As remix) - Jens Lissat, Christoph Pauly

I Wanna Do (extended mix) - Chemical Surf, Dubdisko

Altavoz (original mix) - Luke Davidson

Now Walk (original mix) - Leon, Pirupa

Monte Carlo (Tim Baresko remix) - Mercer

Funky Pills (original mix) - Qubiko, K-909

Satisfaction (original mix) - Sterium

Your Mind (original mix) - Kevin Knapp, Shiba San

You & I ft. Janai (original mix) - Sonny Fodera, Janai

Higher Self (original mix) - MANT

How Many Times (Qubiko remix) - Pirupa, Malandra Jr.

Flow (Jojo Angel remix) - Barnes

Beet It (original mix) - Westend

Bad Boy (original mix) - K-Style

Just Escape (Justin Martin remix) - Escape

Insane (extended mix) - Sonny Fodera, Biscits

One Night (original mix) - IDA fLO, Yvette Lindquist

Word ft. VNSSA (original mix) - Walker & Royce