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The Loud Seekers Monthly Playlist Is Here! September Edition.

We’ve been keeping our ears peeled here at SharedViews and are happy to bring back our monthly playlist, packed with a variety of fresh tracks guaranteed to get stuck in your head. From deep wubs to chill beats, local faves to rising stars, we’ve got you covered. In keeping with tradition, we delved into select songs with a handful of the artists for a deeper look into their creative worlds. Enjoy, and feel free to share these hot new releases!

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A Look Back: Bass Physics Show At Cervantes PLUS Behind The Scenes With Cofresi

Saturday night turned into one big joint-effort between Megan Hamilton, Cofresi and Bass Physics. You don’t always get to see all the artists on a lineup participate in one another’s sets, but Cervantes is a venue where the evening spread is set up family style. The camaraderie between all the performers was certainly apparent, going on and off stage to jam out with one another all throughout the night. Despite it being a busy festival season, everyone came prepared to deliver brand new music and the crowd ate it up, always leaving room for more. 

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Catch Up With Bass Physics Before His Denver Throw Down w/ Cofresi And Megan Hamilton This Saturday

Denver is never short of exciting shows coming down the pipeline, but some tend to stand out more than others. To me, Bass Physics, Cofresi, and Megan Hamilton this Saturday represent such a show. I was excited as soon as I saw the three names on the same flyer a couple of months ago. The insanely talented, drumming machine known as Cofresi has been high on my list since I saw him in New Orleans a couple of years ago. I’ve always wanted to see him in Denver. Megan Hamilton rounded out my top 3 favorite sets at Sonic Bloom this year. And as for Bass Physics, y’all probably already know what’s exciting about Bass Physics, but in case you don’t keep reading cause we caught up with him about what he’s been working on, ways he thinks we can all help save the world, and exactly why his manager told us to expect an, “incredibly immersive, over-the-top experience” this Saturday with Rubikz Visuals and 303 Lasers both on the ticket

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