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Re:Visit - Casual Commander w/ Bailo, and Mikey Thunder, Plus Win Tickets For Mimosa!

It’s a beautiful thing when people come together for love of the same thing, something like music for example. This week at the Cervantes weekly installment of Re:Search Wednesday, provided the foundation for one of those moments. The bill was set with basically three completely different styles of music starting with the local favorite, Mikey Thunder, who if somehow you're unaware, is probably the most versatile DJ Denver has ever produced.

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Re:Visit - Sfam, Subdocta & the birthday bash, Russ Liquid (DJ set), and AVRY (late set)

September is shaping up to be one of the biggest months for music in Denver, and it started with a bang on the 4th. Cervantes Other Side received its weekly blessing of Jordan Polovina’s soul food for the eardrums, giving the $10 ticket fam something to move to. sfam brought their own saucy offerings from NOLA and hit us with the heat. Michael Pearson and Jacob Hoerner are sfam, and these Mississippi boys are an absolute unit in the studio, having collaborated with the likes of Boogie T, TVBOO, DMVU, Toadface and more in the few short years of their musical career. They gave us all the goodies and we all ate it up. They’re obviously excited to be where they are, naming a lot of artists over the mic whom they’ve been able to work with. We see you, sfam!

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