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The Loud Seekers Monthly Playlist Is Here! September Edition.

We’ve been keeping our ears peeled here at SharedViews and are happy to bring back our monthly playlist, packed with a variety of fresh tracks guaranteed to get stuck in your head. From deep wubs to chill beats, local faves to rising stars, we’ve got you covered. In keeping with tradition, we delved into select songs with a handful of the artists for a deeper look into their creative worlds. Enjoy, and feel free to share these hot new releases!

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Cervantes' Crowd Got De-Funk Down at This Weeks RE:Search Wednesday

Summer at Cervantes’ Masterpiece is turning out to be one of the hottest spots to hang out in Denver. As RE:Search Wednesdays have gotten more popular, demand for a bigger space continues to become a necessity. For the second week in a row the nights lineup was relocated from The Other Side to Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. The ballroom is an ideal spot to encapsulate the energy of the artists, their music and the crowd that packs the space. 

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Defunk's Lookin' For Love With A Spicy New Single!

Love it, or hate it, Valentines Day has come and gone once again. V-day brings heart warmth for some and heartache for others and ultimately brings a nice annual population bump for all. For Vancouver-based bass wizard, Defunk, it means the perfect time to hit us with a new single. ‘All Over Again’ dropped the day after the day of love with its catchy hook line, “I’ve been looking for love” that’s sure to resonate with so many. If nothing else, it's guaranteed we can ALL thoroughly enjoy this instant hit.

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