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Halfway To Mars Launches New Track & Lands Into New Label

Kristofer Artz, known better as Halfway To Mars, is back at it again with a brand new track after launching his very first full-length album, Leaving Earth. His latest track is titled Afterburner and will be available for listen on Spotify today. The new single comes at the same time as Artz also announces his first official signing with Colorado's popular, Potent Productions, adding to their ever-growing roster of creative talent. “I’ve been feeling the buzz from the new album. It felt good to release so much music that it just kept flowing. Recent events in my life, moving out of boulder where I have been for the last 10 years, relationships falling apart, big life changes, I just needed to be an artist and create and harness my energy the best way I know how and that’s exactly what I did.” Said Kris when asked about the short time between releases.

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Check The Official Recap From Potent Productions First Rooftop Event Of The Season W/ PLS & TY & More

If you weren’t able to make it out to the show at Jackson’s, downtown Denver, last night… you missed out. Potent Productions gathered an incredible set of artists who played back to back all night long. Halfway to Mars kicked off the night with a bang, playing new mixes in preparation for his new album which will be released in June. This was his first show after spending the last year busily creating music, which is now ready to be exhibited to the masses.

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