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Behind The Scenes With Orchard Lounge

Following Orchard Lounge’s recent headliner show at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, I was able to sit down with the three-piece collaborative group and gain some insight into how they make the magic happen. I, as well as the rest of the crowd at Cervantes, was taken back by how synchronized these artists were during their set; on and off the stage. Throughout their set, they took turns in the spotlight. Pulsating sounds weaved through the ballroom, maintaining balance even during their transitions due to an ability to feed off one another harmoniously.

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RE:Visit - Orchard Lounge Crushes Cervantes - Exclusive Convo With Defunk Prior To Next Week

This weeks RE:Search ft. Orchard Lounge w/ PRUITT & more turned into a wild Wednesday night! As Denver reaches the peak of its summer months, everyone and their mother wants to catch some of the cool evening weather. The weekly staple knows as RE:Search Wednesday at Cervantes is a great night to enjoy the scheduled set of music indoors, along with the ability to escape outside for a breather or partake in the patio’s silent disco. The popularity of these hump day extravaganzas are no secret to Denverites, and this week with the legendary Orchard Lounge trio taking the stage, organizers had to use the full Masterpiece Ballroom as opposed to the smaller, “Other Side.” 

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