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Arise Playlist is Here: Our Favorite Picks of the Weekend

It has now been a few days since Arise Music Festival in Loveland, Colorado wrapped up and we are so excited to share some of our favorite artists of the weekend with you. Arise had a diverse lineup of musicians, artists, performers, workshops, food and events to choose from. Paul Bassis, co-founder of Arise, frequently reiterated that the festival was created to be so much more than a platform for music; as he put it, “Arise is a movement of people and everyone who attends is a part of that movement. It is a collaborative effort and the music becomes the core, like a fire we can all gather around.” Over the course of the seven years Arise has been in operation, it has become the largest camping festival in Colorado and the lineup gets stronger every year. Here are some of the artists we talked to while at the festival and a few tracks from each of them. 

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