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We Sat Down w/ LowPro. Who Has A Brand New EP You Need To Hear! Read The Full Scoop Here!

After over a year of diligent work and experimentation, LowPro. Just released his newest EP entitled Expansive. This project is a result of Soren Peterson's meticulous attention to detail, wherein he spent immense amounts of time honing in how to compile the right immersive sounds into just a few songs. The EP consists of four tracks and finishes at just over fifteen minutes, however, within that time the listener is transported into a different dimension. When I spoke to LowPro. He explained that his initial inspiration for the EP was outer space and all of its unknowns. Beyond our atmosphere lies a world of never-ending possibilities, which is how Peterson views his music and the way he hopes listeners interpret it, being endlessly “expansive,” and dynamic.

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