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Collaboration The Name Of The Game - SoDown + Kyral X Banko + Def3

In today’s game, it’s all about the collab. The best artists of this generation have the ability to not only throw down on their own imagination but can match the style of their peers around them. SoDown, or Ehren Wright, is certainly one of these types of artists, dropping his own unique style wherever he goes, whatever that style may be for the day. Admittedly, Ehren is gonna make the music he wants to make. He, as with many artists these days, don’t want to be pinned down to one genre, or one sound. Kylal X Banko are a couple of real go-getters paving their own path and are equally as eager to prove they’ve got the chops. It only makes sense these two are putting out their latest work together. How else can you make a track gain steam? Go ahead and add Def3 on and release it on the new EP! Brilliant!

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