The Loud Seekers Monthly Playlist Is Here! September Edition.

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We’ve been keeping our ears peeled here at SharedViews and are happy to bring back our monthly playlist, packed with a variety of fresh tracks guaranteed to get stuck in your head. From deep wubs to chill beats, local faves to rising stars, we’ve got you covered. In keeping with tradition, we delved into select songs with a handful of the artists for a deeper look into their creative worlds. Enjoy, and feel free to share these hot new releases!

The amount of Denver-based producers featured here speaks to the massive amount of talent we’re so lucky to be surrounded by. Over half of the artists on this month’s playlist are based here and while that’s no coincidence, it wasn’t the intention. We just happen to be brimming with creativity, apparently! While this city still proudly boasts the “Bass Capital” badge, the diversity of music coming out of Denver makes it much more than that. Bass Physics shows off his guitar wailing skills on Limitless, a collaboration with Cofresi. Chris Karns’ remix of Sunsqabi’s Pangolin adds even more scratchy goodness to a silky epic. The closing track off of MIDIcinal’s new Audio Aesthetics EP throws slick beats under orchestral samples for a truly aesthetic result. DMVU surprises with a chill tune off of Emancipator’s Loci Records compilation album, further proving his vast range of genre expression. Dozier keeps it real on Voices, a trap-vibe banger built for late nights in dark rooms. Don’t Stop by the Party People gives us that Hip-Hop fusion we all crave and Trufeelz steers the hype train straight into our brains with Slicin’. Big shoutout to all the local talent spoiling us and making the Mile High scene special.

Denver’s own Homemade Spaceship throws it down on Sit By My Fire, a thoughtful track that shows Rab Revere isn’t afraid to get nasty: “I’ve been going a lot harder live for a while now. I’m glad my releases are starting to reflect that. I’ve always been a huge fan of super heavy music. Metal/hardcore etc. I’ve always been trying to find a creative way to express a heavier side of myself without sounding repetitive or unoriginal and I feel I'm finally starting to get comfortable there. Heavy sound design and heavy songwriting are simple but oh man is it a lot of fun. Expect a lot of different styles in the future but heavy is definitely here to stay for me. I just love being able to go to that realm live. I just love getting people way too excited.” The song is quite is a unique tune, even featuring original poetry from Shel Silverstein’s as well as original artwork by Logan Anderson, aka Defunk! You can catch both of them at the Bluebird on October 19th

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Of course, there’s plenty of heat coming from all over the country, and even abroad. Liquid Stranger’s, Wakaan label has been steadily cultivating a roster of standout producers. Champagne Drip & Luzcid’s new collab serves as a promising preview for their co-headlining show this Friday at Larimer Lounge. A Chicago-based newcomer INZO has quickly risen through the ranks and with an imaginative EP released under Wakaan is getting the recognition he deserves. So how does one find themselves on a legendary label like this? “It was kind of out of the blue. I was approached by [Wakaan] and they were interested in co-managing me. The label has a good curated taste that people trust, so it was an easy decision” INZO told us. His new 5-song EP Multiverse is a solid first release under the Wakkan name. “I originally was making another EP, and started Multiverse as a second one and it just came together quicker. My style is always evolving and these songs captured my diverse tastes - which is where the ‘Multiverse’ name came from, like multiple universes of genres coming together.” Michael Inzano has only been making music as INZO for four and a half years. Though based in Chicago, he expressed some desire to move to Denver. “I’ve been coming to Denver for years, so it’s already like a second home to me.” He’s played Foam Wonderland here before but as a fan of intimate venues, his Larimer Lounge show on November 16th (supporting Kaivon) should be a perfect spot to drop Multiverse.

Another fresh EP worth indulging in is Mr. Bill’s latest release, Wub. It’s four distinct collabs, one song each with Dirt Monkey, Subdocta, Jonah Hodges and Hullabalo0. "It was an honor to work with these four artists. Basically, it was just a set of tracks I'd been writing with them all over a series of about a year and decided they'd all pair on an EP nicely. If you want to learn more about my process, go to and watch me make entire tunes there in my video series, The Art Of Mr. Bill—specifically, Season 4 pertains to this EP the most." He’s yet another artist based in Denver these days, sitting in with iLL.Gates or kLL sMTH for mind-boggling B2B sets that are must-see spectacles. Catch the next kLL Bill performance October 4th at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom.



In keeping with the diversity, we couldn’t help but throw Probcause’s breezy new track Stick Around on the list. He produced the song and it features singer Mathien and some of ProbCause’s signature rhymes. “I had a blast making this song. Originally I produced this for Mathien to sing over. I really liked how it turned out and wanted to put some verses on it as well. Mathien played most of the instruments on this track as well. It’s a trying to hold onto summer song. Or at least that’s how I kinda look at it” said Prob. Let’s hold on to it while we still can!

What a month of music! Enjoy the playlist, catch the shows, and let us know who you’d like to see in the mix next month. Just comment below!

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