Listen First! The Party People Release Brand New Single: "Don't Stop"

Cover art By:  K+lab

Cover art By: K+lab

Denver, CO - August 27th, 2019: The Party People are picking up steam and their new single, “Don’t Stop” proves the party trio has no intentions of slowing down. 

The hometown super-group consisting of Mr. Bugatti, Benjamin’s Vibe, and the illustrious Mikey Thunder, have been quietly making moves while loudly maintaining their cut-loose reputation. Whether it’s rocking rooftop parties, being signed with a new agency (Rogue Agency), or making all sorts of new music, The Party People are making a statement. They’re telling us to get ready for an elevated form of their art, their music, and their careers. 

The song is released independently or as Ben, aka Benjamin’s Vibe calls it, “sendependently.” The song was based off a track previously developed but never released. After being re-worked for some time, the track was ready and today we receive, “Don’t Stop.” Part of the re-working includes new vocals done with Tyler Bender in his private studio. “Don’t Stop” is released fresh off of several noteworthy performances, including what may be their best performance together yet at Sonic Bloom Music and Arts Festival 2019 in June. 

We presume Mikey Thunder was busy back on whatever Super DJ-producing planet he comes from, but Ben and Bugatti were able to dedicate some time to a few questions we had. Pump the new tune and catch up on that convo right here:

SV: What, in your opinion, is so special about your chemistry as a group and as friends that make your music such a fit and always such a good time??

Bugatti (Daniel Evans): “We are best friends playing music together. Sharing the sounds that we love together and we just have fun up there.”

Benjamin’s Vibe (Benjamin Clark): “it’s about the music. It’s what we do it for, it’s what we go to shows for, and I think we all dial into that pocket of, “Hey it’s just us. Let’s have fun.””

SV: Is the new track a part of a bigger work or an EP, and if so when can we expect the rest of that work?

Bugatti: “This track is only a single that we've worked really hard on for the past few months, however new music is currently in the works!”

B Vibes: “This is just a dash for now. Our best is yet to come. Also follow our solo projects for new and different works as well. Bugatti just put a song out that’s bangin!”

SV: Can they give me some context to the song, inspiration, how they made it maybe what studio it was produced in, etc?
Bugatti: “It was primarily produced in my home studio. The inspiration was an older song we produced and never released but we went back to it, revamped it, and are now confident in sharing it!”

B Dizzle: “Yea, we had an awesome slappin bassline with a little gritty synth in there. We recorded the vocals, originally, in Side 3 Studios, but there was something not right as of then. Then a little this, a little that, swish it around, then new vocals we did with Tyler Bender in his private studio.”

SV: Each of you plays as an individual artist in conjunction with being a member of The Party People. What goals do you have as a group in the near and long-term future?

Bugatti: “Keep pushing each other to be better musicians and people. Keep growing as a project and always create & share the sounds that we love.”

Benjamins Button: “Our solo projects are great. And we started musical pursuits because of the love of it. And playing solo is excellent; but something happens when the three of us get on that stage.

Before we united forces, we all played in a similar way with similar style of music and made music that we all vibed with. Then when we added the pieces, it wasn’t three times better, it was exponentially better.

The spark just hits, the tunes are just right, and it’s the entire space that lights up with good strong energy.”

SV: What's been your favorite gig you've played together so far, or most memorable?

Bugatti: “Personally my favorite gig was Sonic Bloom 2019. Having our loved ones, fans, and some our favorite musicians being present at the show was truly a dream come true for us.”

Benderella: “That’s a hard one. Our 2nd show was supporting Opiuo. I think our 5th or something show was closing after Deltron 3030. Then a few months later we played a Pretty Lights Telluride after party which was spectacular.

We had a research Wednesday with PL and Griz that popped not to mention our headliners.

But I do think this last Sonic Bloom (2019), was one of our best yet. Everything came together seamlessly and we delivered and all the homies that joined us delivered and the crowd delivered. It was truly special.”

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