The Road To Sonic Bloom Continues: The Unified Field W/ Break Science Recap

Kicking off the night with LowPro’s audio/visual show was a solid choice by the Bloom family last Friday, May 10th for Unified Field: The Official Sonic Bloom pre-party. This is one of the first occasions in which LowPro. has graced the Denver scene with his combined audio and visual board that he has personally fused himself, allowing him to customize his own sound and visuals LIVE. This sort of out-of-the-box thinking and production value is something that rings true in every aspect of the Bloom process.

Cervantes had both the Ballroom and Otherside open, providing that unique dual venue feel that they do so well. On the Ballroom side LowPro. was followed by the likes of Schlump and Break Science while the Otherside hosted more of a groovy atmosphere with bands like Moontricks and Melody Lines. There was more than just music here, as the Bloom team prepares for their annual festival at Hummingbird Ranch. The unique visual aspects, as well as the flow artists and vendors, provided something for everyone inside the walls of this gathering, much as the main event will likely provide come June 20th-24th (event page here).

Don’t miss the next Pre-Sonic Bloom party! Join us for the next stop on The Road To Sonic Bloom on June 1st at Cervantes Masterpiece, Other Side. This show will feature Tor, with Blossomn, Andrew Rothschild and Moon Frog. This will be your last chance in Denver to catch some of that Bloom magic before it’s off we go once again, to Hummingbird Ranch.

All Photo’s Taken By SV Photographer: Taylor Joerger