Re:Visit - UltraSloth w/ 5AM & Thought Process

Once again, Re:Search Wednesdays at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom proved to be an oasis of cool in these dog days of summer. This week’s flavor included the tasty trio that is UltraSloth in the headlining slot, while 5 AM had us grooving early and Thought Process closed us out smooth.

This mid-week rager is starting to feel like a mainstay in the Masterpiece Ballroom, and with another packed house we say keep it coming. The dance floor filled up early on this early August evening. 5 AM, real name Sam Audrus, slathered us in his jazzy whomps for the first part of the night. His extended set gave us a little taste of everything, ranging from spacey to hype but always crisp. This Philly based producer describes his music as “sound portals”, and there is a feeling of being transported by his sound. The instrumental influence fuses with his digital selections to feel apart from any discernible era. Listen long enough and you’re bound to catch on. Sam looked totally comfortable in the driver’s seat, confidently taking the crowd on a journey of which only he knew the destination. I’ll say that if 5 AM was that good at 10 PM, it’s probably good anytime.

Photo collection by: Luke Bowe of SharedViews Media

Next, was UltraSloth, a solid side project of three producers: kLL sMTH, BioLumigen, and Duffrey. With at least thirty years of experience between them, this group thrives off of knowledge and passion. Their individual influences are perhaps more distinct to fans of each member, but UltraSloth sounds complete, whole, synthesized. This many artists in one area can certainly layer a lot on a track, but it only added to the depth rather than muddling the overall sound. Heavy drum and bass vibes prevailed throughout their set and made quite the canvas for an array of wild combinations. Every member on stage stayed busy, which reassured us that this was definitely a live experience and not just a cool playlist. The life of a DJ is a busy one, so who knows how rare of a sighting this night was. Along with the rare music, Cervantes’ new stage made of old TVs was just as dynamic in its altered configuration and elevated the visuals as lasers beamed over us. The whole experience was one to remember and a reminder for how special this series has been and continues to be.

Thought Process eased us into Thursday with his special blend of experimental noises. His beats can be simple but he switches it up and keeps you guessing. What’s layered on top is that goopy alien goodness us Re:Searchers live for. What a special night swervin’ at Cervs.

August 14th brings Artifakts back to Cervantes, with members of Templo and Beak Nasty coming together to make the brand new outfit Thug Scouts, followed by Potent Production’s, Midicinal, closing out the night. Avoid the FOMO and come party with us! Tickets can be found here!