Denver Prepares For The Return Of Vibe Street For Potent Productions Last Rooftop Party Of The Summer. We Caught The Interview Right Here!

When Summer first hit Denver’s doorstep this year, the commanding presence known as, Potent Productions, announced a five-part music showcase to be held on one of Denver’s best rooftop venues (Jacksons Denver). Here we are, rocketing through the Summer months, and the fifth and final installment is already here. Apparently, the Potent team has been building up for what looks to be the most exciting lineup yet. Get ready for the return, of Vibe Street!

(Here’s a quick look back at some of the fun had this Summer)

Vibe Street, AKA Ben Davis, has been on a bit of a hiatus (read below on why) but he managed to grow a respectable following for himself before he did. Hence the hole in the city’s heart since he’s been gone. His tunes are a creative, self-made style mashing up mellow classics with his own funky electronic sounds. The product is hard to ignore. Get a little taste from his Soundcloud before the show on Thursday. We caught up with VS to discuss what he’s been up to, what to expect this week, and what he’s been doing in-between making music (spoiler alert, he’s been saving the planet).

SVMG: Have you been seeing or hearing about these rooftop parties by the Potent Production squad?

How does it make you feel about playing the last one, if so?

VS: “I have, and I even made it out to the most recent one with The Party People. The Potent crew is my family. We have grand visions we’ve been working on together ever since the We Are Water Standing Rock fundraiser at the Scarlet and the Neighborhood Summer Block Party at Spectra a couple years back. The intention they put into their work is 100% in line with what the Vibe Street experience is all about… supportive community and free creative expression. Closing out their summer series as a welcome back to Colorado show and my 29th birthday at midnight, just seemed too right!”

SVMG: You've taken a small hiatus from the music scene, as I understand. Is there anything about your time away you wish to share? If not the reason why, maybe what you feel like you've gained or learned as a person in that time.

VS: “Wow, yes. I’ve learned far more than I can put into words at this time. I went back to CT and built a business with my dad that I am still heavily involved in. It’s a major trade show in NYC for all plant-based/vegan foods. I want to have a real impact in making the world a healthier place, and making it easier for people to make better food choices is such a direct way to help humans, animals, and the planet all at the same time. I am excited to continue that work while also reconnecting with music which has had to take a back seat over the past couple years. 

I fully believe that nothing in this world has the power to heal like food, and nothing has the power to bring people together quite like music. I feel blessed to be able to explore my passions in both these areas and connect with others who share in that intention.”



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SVMG: What makes now the time for your return?

VS: “The time is now, and I don’t feel alone in that sentiment. Everyone I am connecting with these days is feeling it. The universe has been forcing us all to do the self work necessary to connect with ourselves and our true purposes. We’ve had to ground ourselves, clean up the internal bullshit, and create a real foundation upon which we can build something meaningful in this world. I’m honored to be surrounded by so many people sharing this journey… musicians, performers, artists, promoters, fans, supporters and everyone in between. We are all ready to share what we have to offer creatively to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, and I am just grateful to get to do my thing and contribute to that mission.”

SVMG: Vibe Street quickly became known for a rather particular sound, you even coined a genre for your music. What can we expect to hear upon your return to the main stage?



Ben Davis AKA Vibe Street at The Plant Based World Conference & Expo

Ben Davis AKA Vibe Street at The Plant Based World Conference & Expo

VS: “I’ll be bringing that funky-feel-good shit for sure. But what I am really working on right now is transforming the live show into a truly LIVE show. My career to this point has mainly been spent playing my recorded tracks back from a computer on stage. It’s been fun, no doubt, but going forward I want to put on a performance that is more free and improvisational. This is what I am working on in the studio currently, and I plan to tease some of these new ideas at Jackson’s next month.

In the end, my goal remains the same. If you come out to a Vibe Street show, I’m gonna make you leave with a smile on your face!"

Vibe Street wont be the only mega-talent to take the stage this Thursday. Robbie Dude, LowPro. and a member of Essonite (DJ Set) are all set to bring the party. Tickets can still be found for $5 off before the day of the show so tell your friends and get ready for a rockin’ Thursday night Denver. We’ve also got it on good authority that you will NOT want to miss the special guest set for the evening. See you there!