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A Look Ahead As Potent Productions And Audioculture Prepare To Take Over The Black Box This Thursday!

Hey, all you Denverites out there, there’s a very special event this Thursday night that you DO NOT want to miss! Our friends at Potent Productions are taking over The Black Box for the first time and showcasing some of their most talented Producers. On this lineup, you’ll find Halfway To Mars, Underlux, and Ghost Ride, which is a new collaboration between popular Potent acts; MIDIcinal and Avry. All of these artists are a part of the Potent Productions label…

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Full Recap From Dozier's Bass Showcase w/ Mermix, NotLo, MADDNETO, And More!

That’s a wrap folks! Dozier’s headline show at Your Mom’s House was a full-on throw-down, to say the least. One of the largest crowds I’ve seen at YMH congregated on Saturday night and they were reveling in the music during every set.

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One-On-One w/ Members Of Papadosio And Autonomix In Lead Up To Double-Header This Weekend! New Video + Press Release Included!

Papadosio has easily become a household name in the experimental rock scene. Touring all over the country to headline iconic venues and festivals, this five-member band just doesn’t ever seem to quit, and we’re ok with that. With a new album under their belt, Content Coma, Papadosio has set out on a brand new tour, and they're coming to the Mile High City. Join us this weekend, as they perform two nights of the alluring and high-energy jams we all crave.

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Shuj Roswell Lands Another Full Length Album, 'Setting Fire To The Stars'

Setting Fire To The Stars comes in the wake of Mark A. Cooley's previous two electro soul albums, Flying High Above The World and Everybody Loves The Sunshine [Suber Best Records]. The new LP consists of a whole new set of sounds, not to mention the many guest features from names like Michal Menert, Jordan Polovina, J. Shook (Jarrett Allen) and the smooth saxophone of Nicholas Gerlach….

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Get Ready For Dozier and The Bass Witches At Your Mom's House This Saturday!

October 12th. Your Mom’s House. Be there or... that’s it, just be there. Dozier, in the midst of a hot streak, is coming through to headline this show with a thick lineup behind her. In fact this is Dozier’s first headline show so in the midst of all her recent success, you know this is going to be special. This show is also set to feature some of the most prominent and up and coming DJs around Denver.

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SV Mixtape Session Vol. 12 feat. Wax Future's Newest Beat Tape

1. Tell us about the origins of your Beat Tape Vol. 1, and what ways you decided to play off of that for this new version.

The beat tape work that we do is always about preserving the art of sample-based hip-hop. Major influences for this style come from some of the hip-hop greats, like J Dilla, 9th wonder and Madlib. Nothing new on this one, we really just looked to make a classic hip-hop record and also release some of the hidden gems that fell into the very deep depths of my hard drive

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